WAC Logo PortraitYou can now register for the World Atheist Convention in the O’Callaghan Alexander Hotel in Dublin, Ireland, from 3-5 June 2011.

The Convention, co-hosted by Atheist Ireland, will see the launch of the new Atheist Alliance International, the world umbrella group for atheist advocacy groups.

If you register now, you can attend all sessions of this important Convention at a basic price of just €100.   But don’t delay, as there are only 20 places left (17th May).
The option of add-on meals have now sold out!

Speakers will include





  • Richard Dawkins (evolutionary biologist)
  • Lone Frank (neurobiologist, science writer, Denmark)
  • Michael Nugent (chairperson Atheist Ireland)
  • Paula Kirby (secular consultant, activist UK)
  • PZ Myers (author science blog Pharyngula, USA)
  • Jane Donnelly (Education officer Atheist Ireland)
  • Dan Barker (Freedom from Religion Foundation, USA)
  • Rebecca Watson (Skepchick blogger, podcaster)
  • David Nash (professor, expert on blasphemy, UK)
  • Aroup Chatterjee (author, IN)
  • Ivana Bacik (Irish Senator in 30th Oireachtas)
  • Mpagi Michael Kirumira  (Atheist Association of Uganda)
  • Annie Laurie Gaylor USA (Freedom from Religion Foundation)
  • Mark Embleton UK (President Atheism UK)
  • Thomas Prosser (Trinity College, Dublin)
  • Nick Lee (Freethinkers Association of Central Texas)
  • Tanya Smith (Atheist Alliance International)
  • Bobbie Kirkhart (Author and Activist, USA)
  • Tom Melchiorre (Editor, Secular World, USA)
  • Phillipe Besson (ILCAF, France)
  • Richard Green (Atheism UK)
  • Rene Hartmann (Int. League of Non-religious & Atheists, Germany)
  • Maryam Namazie (British Council of Ex-Muslims)
  • Roger Lepeix (ILCAF, France)
  • Aron-Ra (vlogger for science education, co-host Magic Sandwich Show)
  • D.P.R. Jones  (vlogger on religion, science and philosophy, host of The Magic Sandwich)

Topics will include

  • Weird science versus weird religion
  • Communicating Atheism
  • Secular education: teach, don’t preach
  • Women Atheist Activists
  • Speaking out against blasphemy laws
  • Religion: accommodate or confront?
  • Building Secular Coalitions
  • Dublin Declaration on Religion in Public Life
  • Launch of new Atheist Alliance International

Delegate participation

As well as listening to speakers, this Convention will be an active one for delegates who want to participate. We will be debating and voting on the Dublin Declaration on Religion in Public Life, and some panel discussions will include audience members on the panels alongside our listed speakers. Click through to the Conference Program.


The convention will be held in the O’Callaghan Alexander Hotel, located in central Dublin 2 within strolling distance of Grafton Street, Merrion Square, Trinity College and Dail Eireann.


If you register now you can attend all sessions of this important Convention for just €100!  The option of add-on meals have now sold out!

Click through for details on what is coming up at the conference.

If you have any queries or feedback, please contact Grania Spingies (click here@atheist.ie) or Stephen Duggan (click here@atheist.ie)


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