Yule Log Card (postcard)


Send secular Christmas cards to your friends and family. This card states ‘Reason’s Greetings’ with a yule log pictured and how it originated as a Christmas tradition. A link to Atheist Ireland’s shop is featured on the back.

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Reason’s Greetings Yule Log Card (postcard).

Tired of sending pictures of crosses and nativity scenes to celebrate winter solstice/Christmas? Why not send secular cards saying ‘Reasons Greetings’. This card feature the pagan yule log that has become associated with Christmas time just like other pagan symbols like Jeremiah trees, mistletoe, and holly wreaths.
The cards come in different sizes. Prices vary depending on size. This price is for the Yule Log Card (postcard).
This card shows the slogan ‘Reasons Greetings’ alongside a picture of yule logs. At the bottom of the card it describes the pagan origins of the yule log.
This states:

Yule Logs

Centuries before Christianity, the tradition of burning a log at midwinter originated with pagans. The same Yule festival also included eating a large ham and group singing.


This card comes in three sizes:

  • Small Greeting Card 10cm x 15cm
  • Large Greeting Card 12.5cm x 19cm
  • Postcard 10cm x 15cm


  • 300gsm card with a satin finish
  • Supplied with envelopes
  • Optional cellophane sleeves, ideal for reselling
  • Discount of 30% on every order of 8+ cards


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