Your student society committee should generally consist of between 4 and 6 members, who will form the core of the Society. Certain positions are crucial to the operation of any organisation, while others are optional, depending on how many volunteers you have and how much you feel you need to spread the workload.

Auditor/Chairperson* Oversee running of the society; ensure smooth operating of the society – act as the cog in the wheel; liaise with Societies Guild; chair all meetings and committee meetings.
Secretary* Take minutes at all meetings and committee meetings; maintain contact with the Society’s membership; call Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings on behalf of the committee.
Treasurer* Hold all Society funds; keep records of all monies in and out; release funds at the request of the committee.
Public Relations Officer Enhance and maintain the public image of the Society among the general student body; handle all advertising of the Society and its events on campus.
Events Officer Oversees the running of all Society events; ensures appropriate meeting room bookings, travel arrangements, etc. are made in advance of all events; meets with guest speakers prior to such events.
Webmaster Establishes and operates the Society’s website; uploads announcements, etc., at the request of the committee; adds general content of interest to the Society’s membership.

* denotes essential position.


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