Welcome to the Atheist Ireland Student Society Guide.

At Atheist Ireland, we are committed to working together, as our constitution describes, to “build a rational, ethical and secular society free from superstition and supernaturalism”. The student movement is an absolutely integral part of this process; it is ultimately our aim to help establish affiliated atheist student societies at every third-level institution in the country. We’re confident that there is a dormant secular lobby that can be motivated nationwide, given the necessary support structures and shared dialogue. This guide will hopefully be of service to those of you interested in playing an active role in the setting up and development of an affiliated atheist student society.

If there is a small band of you ready to set up your own society, but would like to raise awareness of your presence to make the whole process easier; or if you are ready and willing to start one but struggling to find others to help at your college, be sure to get directly in contact with us by emailing our Regional Officer, Ashling O’Brien at regional@atheist.ie. We also have a Facebook discussion group where you can start such discussions around forming a student society and connect with other students.

Ashling O’Brien

Regional Officer

Atheist Ireland

Setting up an Affiliated Student Society


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