Honour Donation and Gift Certificate

Would you like to make a donation to Atheist Ireland in someone’s name?

Some of the reasons to donate include, Atheist Ireland is a voluntary organisation relying on unpaid volunteers.

  • Our International work, Atheist Ireland campaigns in europe. We are the first and so far only explicity atheist organisation to speak at the UN UPR. This year we attended and spoke at the UN Council of Europe and at The UN Rights of the Child. We will also be campaigning to the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women. We focus on bringing Ireland’s record on Human Rights to the UN in areas such as blasphmey laws, requirment to take religious based oaths for certain public offices, discrimination against students, parents and teachers from minority worldviews.
  • Our National work, Atheist Ireland provides information and help to parents and students who seek to opt out of religous indoctrination when accessing education services. We make natioanl submission and attend dialogue with the government making the case for church and state seperation and Human Rights based equality for atheists in employmemt laws and education policy.
    We provide information about atheism and our work by holding information tables national wide, where members of the public can ask us about atheism and secularism. We host social events such as brunchs and atheists in the pub events.
  • Consider donating if you wish to give a gift to someone who support secularism.
  • Make a protest statement by donating in the name of someone seeking stronger church/state ties.

When you make a donation in your own or someone elses name we will send an email to the person of your choice informing them that a donation has been made on their behalf to Atheist Ireland. You can chose to have your name and/or email address included in this message by specifying so in the message box below (note we will not email personal messages, only that a donation has been made on their behalf).

We will also email you a donor certificate with your name, the name of the person on whose behalf you made the donation and the amount donated. This is the perfect gift for the secularist in your life or as a protest message to send to anti-secularists. By making a donation in someone else name, you are helping Atheist Ireland further secularism and equality based Human Rights in Ireland while also sharing this with another person.


Gift donation for making a donation on behalf of someone else
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  • Select your donation amount. Note there is limits on what we can accept for political purposes see here