Kate Bopp:

I will answer your questions as concisely as possible but let me start by saying that I support the focus of atheist Ireland will campaign for a secular society.

1) Yes, this is contained in my policies. I intend to campaign for a secular educational system with he removal of any religious preferences from publicly funded education

2) Again; Yes.

3) To quote from my own website: ” I will call for removal of references to religion in the constitution. Revision of the Defamation Act to ensure compliance with the Article 40.6.1 of the Irish Constitution ensuring Freedom of Speech.”

4) I will support and call for removal of any religious ethos from all publicly funded institutions including hospitals. However privately funded institutions should have the freedom to promote their own religious ethos

5) Yes.

6) Yes, although the implementation of this will need very specific & detailed study.

7) I am a strong supporter of freedom of religion as well as freedom of speech. This means that everyone should be free to believe in whatever they want to choose not to have any religion. However it also means that religion is a private matter and should in no way be part of public life or institution.


Olwyn O’Malley:

1.      Will you work to reform the education system so that all children in your constituency can access publicly-funded schools which have no religious ethos?   Yes this is Green Party Policy

2.      Would you support a referendum to remove religious references from the Constitution?

The Green party is working on reform of the constitution to reflect modern ireland and all beliefs will be respected in this

3.      Do you believe that blasphemy should be a criminal offence? No

4.      Would you support legislation to prevent hospitals from having a religious ethos? Secular public hospitals are the aim of the Green Party

5.      If elected, would you vote to ensure that religious bodies are treated the same as other organisations under equality and employment legislation? Yes

6.     Do you believe that religions should have to pay their fair share of tax on income that does not come from charitable activities?

Achairty is defined by its objectives not by its sources of income and that’s why it is tax exempt so we need to look at the actiivites not the sources of income

In addition, see the statement provided by the Green Party on behalf of all its candidates.
Green Party statement

Seamus Morris:

See the statement provided by Sinn Fein on behalf of all its candidates.

Alan Kelly:

See the statement provided by the Labour Party on behalf of all its candidates.

Noel Coonan:

See the statement provided by Fine Gael on behalf of all its candidates.

No Response Received From:

Maire Hoctor

Michael Lowry

Billy Clancy

Fine Gael statement

Green Party statement

Labour Party Statement

Sinn Fein Statement


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