Claire Cullinane:

thank you for your explanation of Atheist Ireland and your organisations concerns and wishes for the future of education and social policies in our state. I believe that all structures which were not born of equality and mutual respect are now falling to pieces.

This is why I find myself running for politics now rather then earlier in my career. I could not and would not sell myself out to party politics who created ‘menu’s’ for us the Irish people to choose from. Even though you may not agree with all the policies you bought into the best package.

According to the contract ,we independents have signed ,with CPPC we will carry the mandate of the people to the Dáil if we are lucky enough to be chosen. We also agree to communicate and debate and even educate, if necessary, on each and every issue that will be brought before the dáil. As the list for vote and debate is issued several months in advance there will be ample opportunity to do this.

So ,from what I can see, it would important that your members take an active part in such meetings, forums and debates to clarify and promote their feelings and beliefs. We believe in full democracy. Politics is part of all of our lives and impacts on all of our lives. Therefore we wish to empower the Irish people, all of them, to actively participate in their own lives and their own future.

The mandate of the people at constituency level will then carried forth to the dáil. This is a new way of doing things and may take a little time to catch on but we believe it is the only real hope for the future. To make you, or any other group ,a promise or pledge, as you request ,at this time would be to misrepresent myself. I will hold on to your details and ,with your consent, invite you and your members to meetings that will be happening all over the country once this election is over ,no matter what the outcome.

We are here to stay and plan to use this election as a springboard for the future. I hope you respect my position and see that we truly want all groups and organisations to fulfill their manifesto in the most democratic way and not by some of the negative, self serving methods of the past.

I wish you and your organisation every success in the future and look forward to further communication with you.

Patrick Bullman:

It is my pleasure to answer your questions. I feel quite strongly on all of these issues. Here are my answers

1. Yes.

2. Yes, and adamantly.

3. No.

4. Yes.

5. Yes.

6. Yes.

7. I am a firm believer in the democratic principle. I do believe in a more direct democracy (i.e. a state subject to the will and decision of the people in all matters without restriction), rather than the so called ‘representative’ democracy that exists today. I believe that the technology we possess today is quite sufficient to achieve this.  As such I also believe in Freedom of religion. But, state and religion are two separate entities. As clearly as is sport and state!
One more issue that is close to heart is the relatively recent ‘agreement’ between state and catholic church, whereby compensations and damages caused to victims of clerical abuse should be funded by the taxpayer. I would work to have this reversed and the said church made solely responsible for the payment of these compensations to it’s victims from its own coffers.

Sandra McLellan:

See the statement provided by Sinn Fein on behalf of all its candidates.

Sean Sherlock:

See the statement provided by the Labour Party on behalf of all its candidates.

John Mulvihill:

See the statement provided by the Labour Party on behalf of all its candidates.

David Stanton:

See the statement provided by Fine Gael on behalf of all its candidates.

Tom Barry:

See the statement provided by Fine Gael on behalf of all its candidates.

Pa O’Driscoll:

See the statement provided by Fine Gael on behalf of all its candidates.

Malachy Harty

See the statement provided by the Green Party on behalf of all its candidates.

No Response Received From:

Michael Ahern

Kevin O’Keeffe

Paul O’Neill

Paul Burke

Fine Gael statement

Green Party statement

Labour Party Statement

Sinn Fein Statement


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