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Atheist Ireland campaigns on a number of issues pertaining to the separation of church and state and the equality of atheists. We promote atheism and reason over superstition and supernaturalism, and we promote an ethical, secular society where the State does not support or finance or give special treatment to any religion.

Atheist Ireland campaigns include:

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    Padraig Cosgrave June 26, 2018

    I am a practising Roman Catholic and have dabbled in the dark arts agnosticism for a while but returned to my faith as through much rational thought I felt it best to make peace with my faith in an angry, nihilistic, self loathing, narcissistic and aggressively secular society for all I saw in the alternative frame of thought was shallow minded despair devoid of value and true fulfilment. As a curious by stander in recent times I have witnessed many changes in attitudes and beliefs in society all of which are not good. As a simple observation I have noted that while secularization has increased so has the rise in incidents of substance abuse, self harm, murder, serious assault, theft and sadly suicide, coincidence?. As the purveyors of “logic and reason” I am curious as to know what the atheist community can do to fill the void if faith goes? What do the atheist community wish to replace faith, hope, love, forgiveness and self control with if they subvert the Christian faith? Will the atheist community be able to uphold a value of self worth over net worth if the Christian faith is subverted?. As an observer of all faiths not just my own I am curious as to the core elements of their values and what substance they can retain. May you find fulfillment in your endeavours while retaining love for your fellow man but also remember as in the words of WB Yeats, “tread softly, for you tread on my dreams”

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      Mark October 10, 2018

      Dear Padraig,
      Firstly, “congratulations”. Why? Because you follow the “right” religion. Lucky you were born in Ireland really. Imagine if you had be born in Nepal for example. Isn’t it strange that most people (yourself include it would seem) consider the dominant religion of their place of birth to be the “right” one?
      For answers to your questions about hope (what has that got to do with reality?) forgiveness etc, I advise you to look at the Scandinavian countries for inspiration. I’m sure that you don’t think these countries have gone to pot simply because they are largely atheist? You mention subversion of Christian faith. I think that’s going a bit far. However, we can certainly talk of subversion of logic and reason by faith(s).

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    Jesus January 21, 2020

    They’re lapsed Catholics like you were.
    Call ’em what you like but statistically they’re lapsed catholics.

    Only a born and raised atheist could possibly fully understand a creature like you.


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