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Misuse of public funds for in-service teacher training


Atheist Ireland wrote a few weeks ago to the Minister for Education, the Oireachtas Education Committee, and the Comptroller and Auditor General about the misuse of public funds for in-service training of religion teachers in conjunction with Roman Catholic Diocesan Advisers.

We did so after a teacher was given an anti abortion video as a resource for curriculum RE during in-service training. We had previously obtained a letter from 2001 under the Freedom of Information Act that is relevant to this issue.

In that letter, the then Minister for Education, Michael Woods, told the National Association of Post Primary Diocesan Advisers Co-ordinators it was not possible to have Diocesan Advisers present at in-service courses for Junior Certificate Religious education or to fund local in-service by Diocesan Advisers.

We have received initial responses from the various people that we have written to, and the matter is being investigated. We will publish further details when we have them. If you would like to help us with this and other work, please join Atheist Ireland as a member. We are a voluntary body with no staff and we depend on our members to continue our work. You can join here

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Éire Aindiach

Éire Aindiach


Chun ár gcuid feachtais a leathnú agus a neartú, tá sé beartaithe ag Éire Aindiach níos mó úsáid a bhaint as an Ghaeilge.
Ba mhaith linn meitheal a eagrú, chun cuidiú le:
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Táimid i mbun aistriúcháin a dhéanamh ar dhoiciméid polasaí faoi láthair, agus teastaíonn cabhair uainn le aistriúchán agus profáil.  Más maith leat bheith páirteach san iarracht seo, cur ríomhphost chugainn ag
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Atheist Ireland News

An article from a few weeks back…

The Department of Education misuses public funds for in-service training of religion teachers


Atheist Ireland has written to the Minister for Education and the Comptroller and Auditor General about the misuse of public funds for in-service training of religion teachers in conjunction with Roman Catholic Diocesan Advisers. This is the letter that we have sent to the Minister.
We also attach a letter from the then Minister for Education in 2001 which acknowledges that it is not possible to have Diocesan Advisors at inservice courses for Junior Certificate Religious Education and that funding for local inservice by Diocesan Advisors is not possible.
Dear Minister Foley,
We are seeking information on the amount of State funds used over the years for in-service between the Religious Education Support Service, the PDST and the Catholic Church. We believe that this is a misuse of public funds. It is also an endowment of religion forbidden by Article 44.2.2 of the Constitution and religious discrimination under Article 44.2.3. We are also making a formal complaint to the Comptroller and Auditor General in relation to the misuse of public funds.
The Information Commissioner has recently ruled in favour of Mr. John Hamill of the Freethought Prophet podcast and blog that the Department of Education was not justified in refusing access to certain records relating to the PDST on the grounds that they are not held by the Department or do not exist or cannot be found.
The PDST are jointly presenting at in-service for curriculum Religious Education teachers alongside Catholic Diocesan Advisers. The curriculum Religion Teachers who attend these in-service days are from schools under Catholic patronage as well as ETB schools and colleges including non designated Community Colleges. As far as we are aware the PDST do not present or attend any other in-service days with other religions or beliefs.
Curriculum Religious Education is a core subject in the vast majority of schools. Parents and students are coerced into the course on the basis that it is not religious instruction but religious education despite the fact that the Supreme Court has found that the rights of parents in relation to the Religious and moral education of their children under Article 42.1 must be read in conjunction with Article 44.2.4, the right to not attend religious instruction (Justice Barrington, Campaign case 1998).
Diocesan Advisers are employees of local Catholic dioceses whose concern is the catechetical programme in post primary schools. Their primary role is to ensure that the provisions for teaching religious instruction and formation are upheld, particularly in terms of content and in terms of timetabling allocations. Diocesan Advisers organise an annual in-service for the religious education teachers of a diocese.
This gathering introduces teachers to leading speakers in the catechetics of faith development. Diocesan Advisers also organise other less formal in-services which are arranged on a local (school cluster) basis. See “The Role of the Diocesan Advisor for Post-Primary Religious Education” published by the Irish Catholic Bishops Conference in 2004. See press release.
A recent article in the Sunday Times and Irish Examiner has focused on the fact that a curriculum Religious Education teacher was given an anti abortion video as a resource for curriculum RE during in-service between the Catholic Church and the PDST.
When curriculum Religious Education was introduced it was made clear by the then Minster, Michael Woods, to Fr. Donal O’Neill, Chairperson of the National Association of Post Primary Diocesan Advisers co-ordinators that it was not possible to have Diocesan Advisers present at in-service courses for Junior Certificate Religious education and why funding for local in-service by Diocesan Advisers was not possible. We attach below this letter from 2001.
We are also providing a link to an article by Mr. John Hamill of the Freethought Prophet podcast and blog, who has been trying for years to get information on these particular in-service courses. This article refers to comments by Noel Farrell, an Assistant Principal Officer within the Department of Education and Skills (DoES) who has described the position of the PDST at these events as providing curriculum and pedagogical expertise. He stated that there were no documents in relation to reports or payments because these were not PDST events.
The PDST was established in 2010 and is funded by the Teacher Education Section of the Department of Education and is managed by Dublin West Education Centre. The attendance of the PDST at any in-service events organised by the Diocesan Advisers uses state resources because the staff are paid by the State and there are also transport cost involved. In addition curriculum RE teachers are paid by the state to attend in-service for Catholic faith formation and instruction.
The Department of Education are aware that PDST staff who are funded by the Department are providing curriculum and pedagogical expertise for curriculum Religious Education teachers at events organised by Catholic Diocesan Advisers for a Catholic catechetical programme in post primary schools whose primary role is to ensure that the provisions for teaching Catholic religious instruction and formation are upheld.
These events between the publicly funded PDST and the Catholic Church undermine the constitutional right of parents in relation to the religious and moral education of their children. It uses state funding to legitimise the integration of catholic faith formation (The Guidelines for the Faith Formation and Development of Catholic students) in curriculum Religious Education in a course that the Department claims is for all religions and none and where most schools and teachers inform parents that it is suitable for all religions and none. Read more…

Below is an article from 2018

Professional Development Service for Teachers won’t answer about in-service training with Catholic Church


Atheist Ireland recently used the Freedom of Information Act to ask some questions of the Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST), which is a State-funded body that provides in-service training for teachers, about its relationship with the Catholic Church when providing such training for religion teachers.
The PDST gave us incomplete, misleading, and contradictory answers to our requests. When we appealed the responses under the Act, the PDST changed track. They told us that they were not subject to the Freedom of Information Act, because they are a private body, and the Office of the Information Commissioner agreed with them.
Consequently, a body that is State-funded but has no legal status, is now working with the Roman Catholic Church to deliver in-service training to religion teachers in State-funded schools, without any day-to-day role for the Department of Education in supervising this work. Furthermore, there is no public accountability in relation to how this work is conducted.

  1. Background: Department used to provide in-service training
  2. Today: PDST and Catholic Church provide in-service training
  3. This seems to breach the Constitutional ban on endowing religion
  4. Extracts from Atheist Ireland’s questions and PDST response
  5. Atheist Ireland’s follow-up with the PDST
  6. Atheist Ireland’s appeal of the PDST responses
  7. Review by the Office of the Information Commissioner
  8. Conclusion

1. Background: Department used to provide in-service training
Here is the background to this situation. Until 2010, the in-service training of working teachers was an internal function within the Department of Education.
Before this date, representatives of the Catholic Church had sought to become involved with in-service training days for religion teachers. The then Minister for Education responded to make it clear that no Catholic Church representatives could participate in publicly-funded in-service teacher training, and that no State resources could be made available for any in-service teacher training that was arranged by the Catholic Church.
Today, this situation has been entirely reversed. In 2010, in-service training for teachers was carved out of the Department of Education and into the fully State-funded Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST), which was created for this purpose.
Now, publicly-funded in-service training for religion teachers includes detailed involvement of the Roman Catholic Church, and the Department of Education plays no role in this work.
On 2nd June 2001, the then Minister for Education, Michael Woods, wrote to Fr Donal O’Neill, the Chairperson of the National Association of Diocesan Advisors. This letter included the following statement:

“I understand that it was appreciated and accepted by members of your association why it is not possible to have Diocesan Advisors at inservice courses for Junior Certificate Religious Education, and why funding for local inservice by Diocesan Advisors is not possible.”

2. Today: PDST and Catholic Church provide in-service training
More recently though, in-service training for religion teachers has been provided jointly by the PDST and the Catholic Church. There are examples of such practice from right across the country. For example, details of one such event in Kerry (held on February 12th 2016) are described here and other similar events in Dublin are described here. In fact, at the in-service day described in the document illustrated below (that included a PDST representative), Veritas products were promoted to religion teachers in Monaghan. Read more…

Calling concerned teachers

If you are a teacher and concerned about unwanted religious influence contact Chris at

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