Is my Family Odd About God Special Offer

**Schools special offer**

As Covid continues and schools start back online, Atheist Ireland are offering the book ‘Is my family odd about godsfree (excluding postage and packaging).  This means that you can get this book for the total price of 10 euro. This offer is aimed at families with school going children, who would like to read this book during their online school term. This offer is limited to one book per family unit and for postage within Ireland only.

Note if you have any problems with placing an order email


Below is the description of the book. It features wonderfull illustrations by Eiynah

Is My Family Odd About Gods?

Have you noticed that your school and your teachers may tell you one thing about religion, while some of your friends and family may have different ideas about god?

If you think that this is a little odd, then this book is for you.

This book is for children who would like to have their human rights to the freedom of thought and the freedom of religion and belief respected.

The freedom of thought and the freedom of religion and belief are very important human rights. These human rights are not just for adults. They are for children at school too.

Atheist Ireland would like to see an education system that respects these human rights. Public schools should not tell children that either atheism or any religion is true.

Instead, public schools should simply teach the facts about which religions and beliefs exist in the world, and let children make up their own mind.



Martin Boers