Reasons to Repeal

What are your Reasons to Repeal the 8th Amendment?

Atheist Ireland have asked our members and supporters their Reasons to Repeal the 8th Amendment. We will publish these over the coming weeks.

– Because no one is pro abortion. But in the real world we know that sometimes you have to go with the least hopeless option.
– Because those that ‘love both’ are the same people who cried for Savita.
– Because not being born isn’t the worst possible outcome. There are fates worse than death.
– Genetic screening of heritable serious diseases may lead to abortions but unless you can honestly say you would wish CF or Huntingtons on a family you love, then you understand the reasoning.
– Because the misery of the silence and secrets won’t stop abortions when they’re the right choice. It just tortures women for doing what is right for them.
– Because healthcare should be a universal language, not dependent on the religious symbol on the building.
Jacqui, Athlone
Ashling O'Brien