Reasons to Repeal

What are your Reasons to Repeal the 8th Amendment?

Atheist Ireland have asked our members and supporters their Reasons to Repeal the 8th Amendment. Today’s Reason to Repeal is from Helen.

My reason to repeal – forced sex is a crime, forced surgery is a crime so why do we allow forced pregnancy. Consent is paramount.


Helen, Louth.

Ashling O'Brien

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    Ted Heubach April 23, 2018

    Here only women should be allowed to vote… becaus it’s up to them (in most cases) if he decides to leave her alone.
    It wouldn’t be a topic if men, too, had to carry out babies; that law would never have passed any ruling institution (king… church… government…. et al.). So SHUT UP, priests, guys… and let the Ladies vote !