Atheist Ireland sends briefing document to TDs on Objective Sex Education Bill

Atheist Ireland has written to all TDs and Senators seeking support for Solidarity’s Objective Sex Education Bill, which will be proposed in the Dail on Wednesday, 18 April 2018.

If passed, this Bill will guarantee that all children in Irish schools have access to objective relationship and sexuality education, without religious influence.

It is not in the common good to let private bodies, the vast majority Roman Catholic, deliver sex education only through their own ethos in order to promote and evangelise their own mission.

Please read the briefing document at this link, and then email or phone your local TD between now and Wednesday and ask them to support the Bill.

Also, please attend a rally in support of the Bill outside the Dail at 3pm on Wednesday. Atheist Ireland will be in the Dail Gallery for the debate.

The briefing document covers the following areas:

1. Overview of the Problem

2. Catholic Church Guidelines on Curriculum RSE
3. Catholic Preschool and Primary RE Curriculum
4. Catholic Influence on State-run ETB schools

5. Balancing the Constitutional Rights Involved
6. The Right to Freedom of Conscience
7. Irish Human Rights & Equality Commission
8. Ombudsman for Children

9. United Nations Rights on Sex Education
10. Atheist Ireland and UN CEDAW Recommendation
11. International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

12. Circular 0037/2010 and the European Social Charter
13. Circular 0037/2010 and the Need to Consult with Parents
14. Conclusion

Atheist Ireland