Please ask independent TDs to raise religious discrimination with Fine Gael

Fine Gael and Fianna Fail have now published their arrangement for Fianna Fail supporting a Fine Gael led minority government.

This arrangement does not mention human rights breaches such as religious discrimination in the education system and the need for secular schools, the blasphemy law, religious oaths for political and judicial office, or the State’s claim that it is constitutionally obliged to buttress religious discrimination.

Fine Gael now needs the support of eight independent TDs to be able to form a minority government. Atheist Ireland has written to each of the independent TDs, asking them to raise these fundamental human rights breaches in their negotiations with Fine Gael, and to ask that they be addressed in any programme for government that they may decide to support.

These issues will be raised as soon as next Wednesday at the United Nations in Geneva, where Ireland will be questioned about its human rights record under the Universal Review Process. Several countries have already published their advance questions, and they include questions recommended by Atheist Ireland during our UN lobbying.

Please contact any independent TDs today, ideally from your own constituency but also from other constituencies, to ask them to raise these issues with Fine Gael.

You can get contact details here for the independent TDs.



Michael Nugent