21 great lessons from the Rationalist Conference in Tallinn

Here are 21 great lessons taken from the recent Rationalist conference in Tallinn Estonia. This conference was held last weekend and Atheist Ireland’s chairperson was one of the speakers.

  • Tommi Paalanen
    Tommi Paalanen
  • Tiina Vilponen
    Tiina Vilponen
  • Taslima Nasrin
    Taslima Nasrin
  • Sanal Edamaraku
    Sanal Edamaraku
  • Robert Eagle
    Robert Eagle
  • Robert Brotherus
    Robert Brotherus
  • Nina Sankari
    Nina Sankari
  • Michael Sherlock
    Michael Sherlock
  • Michael Nugent
    Michael Nugent
  • maryam Namazie
    maryam Namazie
  • Martin Vallik
    Martin Vallik
  • Marit Simonsen
    Marit Simonsen
  • Mario Ramadan
    Mario Ramadan
  • Gunn Winter
    Gunn Winter
  • Esa Ylikoski
    Esa Ylikoski
  • Emilia Ericson
    Emilia Ericson
  • Edwina Rogers
    Edwina Rogers
  • David Rand
    David Rand
  • Ashok Kumar Sharma
    Ashok Kumar Sharma
  • Adrian Bailey
    Adrian Bailey
  • AC Peter
    AC Peter


Helen O Shea