A hundred religious symbols hanging on a wall?

With Kerry County Council hanging a crucifix in the chamber and the recent report from the Dept. of Education regarding the proposal to hang religious symbols on classroom walls, we thought we would publish a list of some of the religious bodies in the country.

We got this list under Freedom of Information from the Civil Registration Service. It is a list of all the religious bodies that have applied to solemnise marriages in the state. This list will give you an idea of the various religious bodies that will be hanging their symbol in Irish schools and on the walls of council chambers. There are over a hundred of them.

This of course will take up so much time that we have no doubt that the state will move to fund the hiring of Chaplains in all schools. They already pay nine million a year for Chaplains in some schools, they will need to expand this scheme as looking after all these religious artefacts will no doubt become a full time job.

Jane Donnelly