Join the Atheist Ireland Christmas Party Fundraising Raffle for our Course about Atheism

Atheist Ireland will be holding a raffle at our Christmas party on Friday 6th December in the Trinity Capital Hotel in Dublin to raise funds for developing our new primary school course about atheism for Educate Together schools.

These are the first of our raffle prizes – we will be adding more between now and the Christmas Party on Friday the 6th.

  • A signed copy by AC Graying of his The Good Book: A Secular Bible
  • A Collection of Wonders: DVD Box set of the three Brian Cox series
  • Vintage Values: Catholic Pamphlet Cover Design of the 20th Century
  • The Beano Christmas Cracker: Celebrating 75 Years of The Beano
  • A box of Butlers Chocolates
  • A box of Quality Street Chocolates
  • A bottle of Bollinger Champagne
  • A bottle of Tia Maria Dark Liqueur
  • A bottle of Terra Andina Chardonnay
  • Two more bottles of wine
  • An Atheist Ireland Mug
  • Plus more prizes to be announced

We’ll have details online soon about buying tickets.

Also, you can join the raffle draws by making a donation directly to our education course fund.

We will have a special prize of a patient sigh for the first person to point out that we are celebrating a feast named after Christ. The party is also on a Friday, which is named after the Anglo-Saxon Goddess Frig. So Happy Frigging Christmas!

Atheist Ireland