Give your views on the Separation of Church and State to the Constitutional Convention

The Constitutional Convention are holding public meetings throughout Ireland to get the views of the public on changing the Constitution. You can give your views on Constitutional issues for consideration in the next phase of the Convention’s agenda.

The first public meeting will be held in Cork next Wednesday 23rd of October at 7.30pm, in the Aula Maxima (Great Hall), University College Cork.

Atheist Ireland’s Regional Officer, Kevin Sheehan will be attending this meeting.  He will be there at 6.30pm if you would like to meet and discuss the meeting.

Atheist Ireland has recently made two Submissions to the Constitutional Convention.

1.  A Secular Constitution for a pluralist people.

Atheist Ireland is the only advocacy group in Ireland that promotes the political cause of separation of church and state as a primary aim.

2.  Economic Social and Cultural Rights without discrimination.

You can find information on the work of the Constitutional Convention here.

The Constitutional Convention will have public meetings in the following areas.

Galway           30th of October          National University of Ireland.

Waterford       7th of November        Waterford City Hall

Dublin             11th of November –       Dublin City University (DCU)

Dublin             13th of November –        Royal Irish Academy (RIA)

Sligo                 19th of November –       Sligo Borough Council

Athlone            20th of November –       Radisson SAS

Monaghan       25th of November –        Monaghan Education Campus

The full list of the various meetings throughout the country can be found here:


Jane Donnelly