Does God Exist? Michael Nugent's debate with David Glass

Michael Nugent debated scientist and Christian Dr David Glass, chaired by Stephen Shaw QC, in the Courtyard Theatre, Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland, on 9 October 2013. There were three rounds of statements followed by audience questions.

Opening statement by David Glass

Opening statement by Michael Nugent

Second statement by David Glass

Second statement by Michael Nugent

Closing statement by David Glass

Closing statement by Michael Nugent

QA1 David Glass on God and Hell

QA2 Michael Nugent on Truth and Evidence

QA3 Glass on Islam, Nugent on Deism

QA4 Nugent and Glass on Resurrection of Jesus

QA5 Glass and Nugent on saving nonbelievers

QA6 Michael Nugent on Hitler, atheism and morality

QA7 Nugent and Glass on What if You are Wrong?

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