Separate Church and State Now! Public Meetings in Dublin, Cork, Galway and Belfast with Sanal Edamaruku


Why should a respected Indian author be facing jail for exposing a crying Catholic statue as being caused by faulty plumbing? This week you can hear from the victim of this unjust law, as Sanal Edamaruku visits Ireland for a speaking tour.

Atheist Ireland is hosting four public meetings, in Dublin, Cork, Galway and Belfast, to promote separation of church and state in Ireland and internationally.

We will also be holding a briefing session for TDs and Senators in Leinster House.

Indian author Sanal Edamaruku is facing blasphemy charges in India, instigated by the Catholic Church, for exposing a crying Catholic statue as being caused by faulty plumbing and capillary action.

Sanal is President of the Indian Rationalist Association and Rationalist International, and he has written 25 books. A tantrik guru once tried and failed to kill Sanal, using only magic, on a live television show, after Sanal challenged his supposed powers.

Michael Nugent and Jane Donnelly of Atheist Ireland will speak on the need for a secular constitution, laws, government, courts, education system and healthcare system, both in Ireland and internationally.

In Ireland an atheist cannot be President or a judge, the Catholic church runs 90% of our primary schools, hospitals make life and death healthcare decisions based on religious ethics, churches are formally exempted from complying with tax and equality laws, and we have recently passed an internationally controversial blasphemy law.

At the United Nations, Islamic states have cited Ireland’s blasphemy law to support their own blasphemy laws. Victims include Christians like Asia Bibi in Pakistan, Muslims like Hamza Kashgari in Saudi Arabia, and atheists like Alexander Aan in Indonesia. Victims have been attacked, jailed and sentenced to execution.

Ireland must act now to separate church and state. At home, we must provide an ethical, secular country based on democracy, human rights, freedom of belief and conscience, and civil liberty. And internationally, we must promote the same values, backed up by acting consistently in our own country.

Please attend these meetings, and let your voice be heard. Please also publicize the meetings as widely as you can.

Share the Facebook Event pages for the meetings

Download and print a pdf poster for the meetings

Please also email any friends who have secular political views, and bring some friends along to the meeting nearest you.

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  1. Avatar
    Vincent Westerband November 19, 2012

    Charging a man with a crime for exposing a truth (and a rather silly one at that) because it showed that a “bleeding statue” was really caused by a leaky pipe is a prime example of the idiocy behind the blasphemy laws currently in effect.

    They need to be abolished NOW. People are facing charges, serving time, and even being executed because of these vile, barbaric, laws.

    This is the 21st century. It’s time you lived in it.

  2. Avatar
    MolochZ November 19, 2012

    Nice one, see you in Galway.

  3. Avatar
    Anna B McCabe November 22, 2012

    I’m hoping to attend the meeting in Wynne’s hotel in Dublin on Saturday. I would love to hear Sanal Edamaruku speak and also to give him my support. How ridiculous can some religious people be.!