Atheist Ireland replies to Minister for Education re VEC Community Schools

In April, Atheist Ireland wrote to the Minister for Education about Document No. 154 of material released to RTE under the Freedom of Information Act.

This document outlined how parents in a VEC community school were told that: “It is true that all morality is based on love – of God and ones neighbor. This will be a central theme in the Religious Education programme. However, moral values are taught within a religious context; we cannot divorce them from that setting.”

In June, the Department of Education replied, suggesting that these comments “are probably best considered in light of the Primary School curriculum”.

We have now sent a reply to that response from the Department.

You can read our reply on our Teach Don’t Preach website.


“Ruairi Quinn” by The Labour Party is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Michael Nugent