Please volunteer with Atheist Ireland to promote a secular Irish republic

Would you like to help bring about a secular Irish republic for a pluralist Irish people? Have you an hour a week or more free time that you could devote to voluntary lobbying or research activity with Atheist Ireland?

Atheist Ireland will this week be sending a document this week to all TDs and Senators, outlining our policies for equal civil rights for all in a secular Irish Republic. The policies will include what needs to change in the Constitution, education system, lawmaking, government and courts.

You can read an early draft of this policy document here.

To promote these policies effectively, we are now looking for volunteers in the following three areas. You can leave your name here, or else please email chair (at)


Lobbying Group Members

This group will coordinate meetings with politicians, and keep ongoing records of the outcomes of those meetings, to promote our policies for a secular State. It will also keep records of what politicians have said elsewhere on topics relevant to our agenda.

Ideally we would like some volunteers who are also members of political parties, particularly who are members of the Government parties of Fine Gael and Labour. We also want some volunteers who are not members of any political party.

Lobbying Volunteers

If you are willing to write to, phone or meet politicians in your area to ask them to support our proposals, please let us know. To do this, please familiarise yourself with our policies for a secular State. Our Lobbying group will help you with this.

Research Volunteers

If you are willing to research what your local politicians are saying, or have said, on topics relevant to our agenda, please let us know. This could involve searching online Oireachtas debates and newspaper archives, and also keeping in touch with ongoing media coverage.

Please Join Atheist Ireland

If you’re not already a member of Atheist Ireland, please consider joining. The membership fee is nominal (€25 a year, or €10 a year if you are unwaged) and you will be helping us to continue our work as we receive no government or other grants. You will also become part of a friendly, vibrant community of like-minded people. Click here for more details.

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