Michael Nugent and Fr Vincent Twomey on Newstalk Radio

On Wednesday 7 March, Newstalk Radio interviewed Michael Nugent and Father Vincent Twomey about the Hibernia College teacher training course controversy. Twomey had written course notes on religion for Hibernia that included inaccurate claims about atheism and atheists, and Hibernia College had removed the course notes after a meeting with Atheist Ireland.

Atheist Ireland

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    jenny morton March 16, 2012

    Vincent Twomey states the catholic schools are inclusive, not exclusive, and deeply respect the beliefs of parents that differ from the ethos of the catholic school….
    I’m very interested to know exactly the form this ‘respect’ takes. When my son at the age of 6 tried to explain to his teacher that at home he doesn’t refer to a god, but gives thanks to nature and life……he was propmtly told to ‘sit down, be quiet and keep your beliefs to yourself!’. He said this made him feel sad. It makes me very sad.