Is the world better with religion? Michael Nugent debates Hamza Tzortzis

Is the world a better place with religion? Here are the opening speeches from the debate in Dublin Institute of Technology Bolton Street, on Tuesday Feb 7 2012, between Michael Nugent, chairperson Atheist Ireland, and Hamza Tzortzis, Islamic Education and Research Academy.

Michael Nugent opposing the motion

Hamza Tzortzis proposing the motion

Atheist Ireland

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    brendan maher February 12, 2012

    Hamza did not mention that Muslims kill Muslims in Iraq,Pakistan ,Afganistan and elsewhere at a high rate.Google Islam religion of peace.We must also remember islams religeous attacts;9-11,Madrid bombing,London bombing etc.Its sad that he takes a line or two from Sam Harris,D.Dennet and others out of context and uses it to justify his empty arguments.