The really, truly True Believer™ of the Month Award October 2011

Divine healing is the target for the ire of this months Award where on the advice of Evangelist Pastors three HIV sufferers have died following a cessation of medication. The women were advised to stop taking their drugs in favor of the healing of god.

In a world where one could be locked up if one leads a person to their death through trickery or lies… it is abhorrent that one can cause the death of another… let alone three others… in such a way without facing criminal charges.

But that is the world of religion where it is one set of laws for the religious and another set for the rest. Name calling can get you arrested in the heat of argument but standing premeditated on a church pulpit and calling all homosexuals “sinful” and “abominations” is ok.

Litter by dumping wood on the side of a road can get you arrested but hammer a wooden cross into the side of the road in a random place and that is all ok.

Tricking someone into death can get you arrested but causing the death of people by tricking them out of medication in favor of godly healing is a-ok. Yet the world has seen enough of the result of god’s healing.

If we are to have laws, should we not prosecute them equally?