The really, truly True Believer™ of the Month Award August 2011

Back to form after last month’s horrific pedophile story being a clear winner, there is a two way tie again this month in the voting for the August prize, which should add to the horror of trying to pick an overall 2011 winner in January.

The LA Times this month carried a story on Catholics who still have an issue with Galileo for trying to take away the teachings they still hold on to from 4 centuries ago about the earth’s position in the universe.

Matching it at the number one position this month however is Christian Midwife Hannah Adewole who thinks she should be exempt from wearing the same uniform as all the other people she works with because of her faith. Deuteronomy in her mind bans her from wearing trousers or any clothes “meant” for the opposite sex.

Clearly god with his infinite powers, intellect, knowledge and goodness finds cause to worry about who wears the pants down here on earth. Sure what else would god have to worry about? Probably not the muslim girls being raped merely because they are “capable” of having sex. No. Trousers are much more important than that.