The really, truly True Believer™ of the Month Award June 2011

In the true style of it being impossible for Atheists to agree on just about everything, Junes believer award was a three way split between the comical, the serious and the tragic showing that the vagaries of religion can leave us open mouth at just how badly the religious can mess the world up in just about every way.

The tragic has my thoughts going out to the family and friends of 58 year old taxi driver who was so infected with his own true belief that he nailed himself to a cross in an act of self-crucifixion. All too often those who spout religious beliefs are lending credence to those amongst us who have genuine medical issues and start to hear voices or have delusions of religious grandeur. Rather than seeking medical assistance they attach false significance to their symptoms and here we have yet another victim of that mindset. The blood of this man’s death is on the hands of all those that spread the lies of religion that allow such people to interpret their symptoms in the light of such lies and follow through with them.

The serious comes from Trevor Phillips the chair of Britain’s Equality and Human Rights commission who… with all the concern of a man interested in Equality and Human Rights… claims that churches should be free to discriminate against anyone they like from women to homosexuals. I will leave others to pick over that one and it’s implications on the role he holds.

Finally the comical or as comical as something can be when it is also actually a tragedy but sometimes one can only laugh in the face of the tragedies religion brings to our world… I speak of laughing from despair not mirth…. A pastor in South Africa was murdered by people who accused him of possessing…. A Magic Penis. Not before his wife metamorphosised into an animal to terrorize the community. Her animal of choice being a snail. Terrifying creature indeed, but clearly not as terrifying as what religion and superstition does to the human mind. They should be more terrified of what their ignorance and religions have turned them into.