The really, truly True Believer™ of the Month Award May 2011

Another month of two winners. Can Atheists not agree on anything. Herding cats indeed 🙂

The first of the winners is Kirk Cameron… the guy who on a hot day once started talking to himself in cars and decided that rather than this meaning he required serious medical input into the state of his mind…. decided instead that this new development meant there must be a god. As he tells it he started talking to himself in a car one day and “I opened my eyes and realised something had changed in me”. Damn right Kirk. You had just become the kind of guy who sits in hot cars alone on the side of the road talking to himself. Something HAD changed very fundamentally, and it needs to be diagnosed.

How did he come to the attention of this months award however? Well it seems that he has decided to take the sum total of all his scientific notions and to apply them to the works of Stephen Hawking, which he sums up by saying that Hawkings idea only get a free pass because he is in a wheelchair and this makes other scientists too embarrassed to critique him and it would be like bullying a blind man to do so.

Joining him in first place with the lunacy stakes is recent Stroke victim Harold Camping who… possibly fueled by whatever medical condition affected his brain in such a way as to have him hospitalised, decided that the Judgement day would fall in this month, followed by the end of the world sometime in October. The money he has made from this canard in the form of donations or devotional offerings is likely currently funding his medical bills…. showing that on one level at least he had his timing JUST right.