Blog Round-up after the Conference

Here’s a round-up of some of the thoughts on the conference from various people around the web.


A Gloriously Godless Weekend (Part 1 )from Adventures of a Middle-Aged Boy is up: “The weekend began – as all weekends should – on Thursday.”
Part 2 is here
and Part 3 is here

Over on Why Evolution is True, Jerry Coyne asks: Are there too many atheist meetings?

Maryam Namazie has written The Islamic Inquisition. She gave a truly rousing and memorable speech on the politicisation of Islam and its consequences for ordinary Muslims.

Over on you can read Bulletins from the Dublin Atheist Conference.

Also, don’t miss this entertaining moment from the Conference where Richard Dawkins was challenged by a Muslim Creationist.

P.Z. Myers has written various pieces about it over on Pharyngula.

Furious Purpose has written an analysis of a number of the panels as has Consider The Teacosy with an especially interesting piece called “Conference musings: Atheists, non-atheists, and the Four Horsemen. ”

Atheist Alliance International President Tanya Smith has written about it too and makes particular mention of non-Western members of A.A.I. and some of the unique troubles faced by them.

It has also been reported on in the Irish Times by Patsy McGarry “Dawkins urges constitutional reform to remove church role” and Róisín Ingle in “Our 256,000 (and counting) atheists, agnostics, humanists and non-religious“.

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