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    Stephen Bradley May 22, 2011

    I don’t suppose there is a waiting list in case of drop outs from the conference?

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    Richard Uppheim May 22, 2011

    just wondering about the same as Stephen here…

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    HerbieTheBeagle May 23, 2011

    Congratulations Atheist Ireland. It’s going to be great!

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    Stephen Bradley May 23, 2011

    As an aside I’m a Dublin member of AI, if there is anything I can do to help out over the next couple of weeks in the lead up please PM me as Like many here in Dublin I’ve plenty of free time at the moment 🙂

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    Toolate May 23, 2011

    Ah!! Just seeing this now! Would of loved to have gone.

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    Steve Dugges May 29, 2011

    Anyone looking for last minute registration can contact me using the contact page on

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    Oli Bird May 31, 2011

    Any idea where folks might end up drinking? I’ll be far too busy to actually attend 🙁 but would like to meet some of the people I’ve been reading for so long.

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    nozzferrahhtoo May 31, 2011

    Hi OLI.

    I do not know where people will end up drinking during or after the conference. However BEFORE The conference there is already a plan. There is a group meeting in the Church Bar in dublin on thursday night from 1930 onwards.

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    john twamley June 03, 2011

    good luck on the conference,only found out about it when listening to the right hook radio show,would love to have attended.