Aron-Ra and D.P.R. Jones join our line-up

Atheist Ireland is delighted to announce that influential internet activists Aron-Ra and D.P.R. Jones have joined our exciting line-up.

D.P.R. Jones is well known for his videos on religion, science and philosophy and is host of The Magic Sandwich Show.

Aron-Ra is a passionate advocate of rationalism in science education, and is a regular co-host of the Magic Sandwich Show on BlogTV.

Mpagi Michael Kirumira of the Atheist Association of Uganda will be joining us as well. His organisation challenges religious superstition and prejudice, promotes the scientific method and upholds the constitutional separation of church and state in Ugandan society.

They join our excellent line-up of international speakers:

  • Richard Dawkins (evolutionary biologist)
  • Lone Frank (neurobiologist, science writer, Denmark)
  • Michael Nugent (chairperson Atheist Ireland)
  • Paula Kirby (secular consultant, activist UK)
  • PZ Myers (author science blog Pharyngula, USA)
  • Jane Donnelly (Education officer Atheist Ireland)
  • Dan Barker (Freedom from Religion Foundation, USA)
  • Rebecca Watson (Skepchick blogger, podcaster)
  • David Nash (professor, expert on blasphemy, UK)
  • Ivana Bacik (Irish Senator in 30th Oireachtas)
  • Mpagi Michael Kirumira  (Atheist Association of Uganda)
  • Aroup Chaterjee (author, UK)
  • Annie Laurie Gaylor USA (Freedom from Religion Foundation)
  • Mark Embleton UK (President Atheism UK)
  • Thomas Prosser (Trinity College, Dublin)
  • Nick Lee (Freethinkers Association of Central Texas)
  • Tanya Smith (Atheist Alliance International; Atheist Foundation of Australia)
  • Bobbie Kirkhart (Author and Activist, USA)
  • Tom Melchiorre (Editor, Secular World, USA)
  • Phillipe Besson (ILCAF, France)
  • Richard Green (Atheism UK)
  • Rene Hartmann (Int. League of Non-religious & Atheists, Germany)
  • Maryam Namazie (British Council of Ex-Muslims)
  • Roger Lepeix (ILCAF, France)

There are only a few tickets left. If you would like one, you can click through on this link.


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    patrick `O'Driscoll June 04, 2011

    I’m delighted to hear of the Conference . It brings much-needed publicity to the aims and needs of secularists in Ireland . I’m an atheist and a long -time member of the IHA , but sadly , inactive for a long time , as I spend a lot of the year abroad .