Secular analysis of the Workers' Party manifesto

Written by Dr Conor McGrath

The main election manifesto of the Workers’ Party can be found at

The document is fairly brief, and concentrates very heavily on economic policy. However, one section will be of interest to those with a secular perspective.

Part of the discussion on political reform includes the following statement: “In the long term the Workers Party reiterates its view, outlined on many previous occasions, that this state needs a completely new constitution. The 1937 constitution, based as it is on Victorian property values, catholic morality, and vatican corporatist principles, is no longer fit for purpose. Pending that new secular constitution we believe that there are certain steps which can be immediately taken.”

Overall, then, while the bulk of the Workers’ Party manifesto is cleared focused on presenting a clear ideological approach to economic recovery, secularists can certainly welcome the commitment to redrafting an entirely new Constitution.

We will be publishing an analysis of each party’s manifesto as they become available.