Canvass for Ivana Bacik and Ruairi Quinn, Saturday 19 February

On Saturday week, 19 February, Atheist Ireland members will be spending two hours in the morning canvassing and dropping leaflets for Ivana Bacik in Dun Laoghaire, and two hours in the afternoon canvassing and dropping leaflets for Ruairi Quinn in Dublin South East.

These are the two members of the outgoing Oireachtas who have been most supportive on secular issues since Atheist Ireland was formed two years ago, and we want to actively help secular candidates to be elected.

If you are free to help with this canvass and leaflet drop, please email our lobbying officer Conor McGrath at lobbying(at)

Also, Atheist Ireland has asked all general election candidates and political parties six questions about secular issues. You can read the questions and the replies that we have got so far on the General Election page of our website.

Next week we will publish an analysis of all of the replies, and of the party manifestos, and we will ask voters in all constituencies to support the candidates who are closest to our policies on secular issues.


“Ivana Bacik Amb” by The Labour Party is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Michael Nugent


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    Dissenter February 08, 2011

    Disgraceful abuse of AI for pushing some of it’s members’ candidate friends!

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    Paul Bowler February 09, 2011

    I’m shocked and disappointed that AI is actively endorsing Labour Party candidates, even if they have expressed support for the ideals of AI. Informing the electorate of where candidates stand regarding AI aims is a legitimate policy for a group such as AI, but to actively work on behalf of individual candidates, lowers the AI both as a voice for freedom and as a broadly representative group for atheists.

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    Morgan C. Jones February 09, 2011

    One of the things I value most about my atheism is that it frees me up to look at facts and issues and draw my own conclusions without the welder’s goggles of any one overriding dogma to ruin the view.

    I would have thought (since political party affiliation is damn close to belonging to a sect) that pushing one party is a bit defeating tbh. That said, political butterfly that I am I go where the policies attract me – my difficulty with labour lies in their latest chants “We voted against the guarantee – but now we have to go along with it” like so many sheep to slaughter

    I look forward to the lion feeding and circuses under the Fine Gael/Fine Gael Lite coalition. I’ll probably be fed to them. You?

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    Michael Nugent February 09, 2011

    Atheist Ireland is not supporting any political party in the election.

    For clarification please see the following post: