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    P Daly June 03, 2011

    Consider the following three statements
    1. Statement 1: Only scientific statements are true
    2 Statement 2: Statement 1 is not a scientific statement since it is not falsifiable or testable
    3. Statement 2. Therefore Statement 1 is false

    Prof Dawkins is not speaking on behalf of science which has no opinion on matters not falsifiable but on behalf of scientism, the Belief System that science can or should be able to explain everything. Prof Dawkins is revealed as just another Believer. These are not original ideas from me but from various philosophers (many unbelievers) with a more sophisticated understanding of history and philiosophy than Prof Dawkins.

    By all means be an atheist if you wish but not a shallow phiosphically illiterate atheist as the followers of Prof Dawkins are