The really, truly True Believer™ of the Month Award December 2010

A tie between comical Homosexual and Christian issues has given this Months Believer award what can only be described cumulatively as a “Gay Christmas” feeling.

The Christmas theme comes to us this year from Vendsyssel, Jutland where a Pastor so offended by Christmas elves saw fit to symbolically execute one by hanging a stuffed version and posting a Night Guard around it to prevent its rescue. Devious Danish Town Dwellers bypassed the night security in the most ingenious of fashions… by quietly liberating the elf in broad day light.

The Gay was put back in Christmas however by our second joint winner. Homophobe and in my view possible closet Homosexual Virginia Politician Eugene Delgaudio feels that pat downs in airport security are part of the “homosexual agenda” and that next time you are patted down it may be by a gay man “Getting pleasure from your submission.”. Eugene, if the merest touch of another man makes you think of gay encounters and submissive gay sex then I think you would do well to contemplate long and hard on your own sexuality.



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    BK January 06, 2011

    What do Eugene Delgaudio’s gay pat downs have to do with atheism?

    I read the link and the link in the link, and he never mentions religion anywhere.
    Or am I missing something? Are all atheists gay? 😉

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    nozzferrahhtoo January 07, 2011

    There is no requirement that it has to have anything to do with religious or atheism.

    The award is a tongue in cheek affair that merely awards people a prize when their beliefs, whatever may be, lead to comic and/or purely insane consequences.