The Grand really, truly True Believer™ Awards 2010

With 2010 dead and gone to a better place it is time to turn out attention to handing out the big awards of the year. The Truly True Annuals.

Coming in second place in the popularity polls from the year, and thus winning the annual IRISH TRULY TRUE BELIEVER OF THE YEAR 2010 award is of course our very own Conor Lenihan.

Conor shot to Atheist Ireland fame winning the September Award by being Ireland’s first (and hopefully last) Anti-Science Science Minister.

With the DUP up north knocking on the doors of schools and museums trying to sell creationism… it is comforting to know that our own publicly elected officials spent 2010 abusing their position and working to undermine the very institution they are minister of.

In true Irish fashion however, Lenihan explained away his canard with a wave of a hand and a claim that he was only doing a favour for a mate.

The Overall TRULY TRUE BELEIVER OF THE YEAR 2010 award however goes to the Vatican stance on Child Abuse which they used to win the monthly award in July of 2010 before rushing out a claim that this is not really what they meant even though it was.

We therefore look forward to them announcing that they have won our award this year, before quickly announcing that they did not really mean “won” but meant something else that actually does mean “won”. Someone has to keep their press department the “Ministry of Truth” in jobs.