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Inoculate Ugandan Children From Magic and Superstition

Two years ago, the Kasese United Humanist Association (KUHA), inaugurated the courageous goal of raising a generation of children in Uganda grounded in freethought, reason, and science. They wanted to break the generational cycle of families passing on myths of magic and superstition and replace it with a solid foundation to allow Uganda to develop the knowledge and skills to raise its communities out of poverty and build a democratic and informed society.

KUHA established a primary school in the Kilembe Valley of southwest Uganda to do just that. This year, AAI joined their efforts by adopting the school as our first AAI Foundation volunteer project. In September of this year, AAI sent four volunteer teachers from North America and Hong Kong to the school to assist the KUHA staff in their goals.


Those combined efforts have brought great success and stature to the school. It is now serving over 250 primary school students. You can read all about their efforts and their successes on their school blog here. But with success comes challenges, and their current challenge is that they have outgrown their current school site and need to relocate to a new site before the start of the 2011 school season. We have a need to raise $4,000 to purchase and refurbish the new school site before class starts again in February 2011.

Our teaching volunteers have been regularly blogging on the difference their efforts are making as well as on what challenges the school faces to meet this demand for 2011. You can read their blog on the AAI website here.

We have only a few weeks to raise these funds for KUHA’s new school. With your contribution, KUHA and AAI can make a permanent difference in inoculating Uganda’s next generation with science and reason. Please visit our KUHA Primary School webpage to consider making a year-end contribution.

About the AAI Foundation

The AAI Foundation is a project of the Atheist Alliance International to foster cross-cultural understanding and promotion of reason, empiricism and science through the funding and support of good works in the world through service. Our inspiration is Tom Paine: “My church is my mind; my country is the world; and my religion is to do good.”

All donations made to the KUHA School project are through the Atheist Alliance International, a registered 501(c)(3) corporation in the United States, and are tax-deductible in the United States.


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