The really, truly True Believer™ of the Month Award October 2010

Father Dougal Mcguire can rest easy this month as the rise of the Anti-Santa in Germany failed to attract a single vote in the polls, while Christian attempts to take over Halloween barely made it to second place despite the core of their faith being based on an un-dead Jewish Zombie.

This month’s award goes instead to Sheikh Maulana Abu Sayeed, president of the Islamic Sharia Council in Britain, who raced to the top of the polls with 53% of this months voting.

His contribution to the wealth of knowledge in society was to inform us all that men who rape their wives should not be prosecuted because “Sex is a part of Marriage”.

In a country like Britain that made rape within marriage illegal in 1991 somehow it still remains unclear to Muslims there why Sharia is not the preferred replacement for current law.

No we like that women can choose what to do with their own body and the rules of a religion where raping wives is ok, or the founders carnal knowledge of girls of single digit ages, are simply not an attractive alternative. Women have a right to choose, both in and out of marriage, and thankfully the Sheikhs have not succeeded in their attempt to violate that yet.



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    krissthesexyatheist November 15, 2010

    Gross, RAPE is part of marriage…that is what dude was saying, right? Gross and wrong.

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    Mr. T November 17, 2010

    His opinion or a belief held by all Muslims?

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    Infidel753 November 17, 2010

    It would be hard for any Muslim cleric to say otherwise, given that the sacred texts clearly say that a wife should never refuse her husband sex under any circumstances. Most clerics would probably wriggle away if the question were put to them, though, so give Abu Sayeed points for boldness if nothing else.

    It’s no wonder these guys favor arranged marriages, often with kids. What self-aware adult who had a free choice would marry one of them?

    His opinion or a belief held by all Muslims?

    It would be interesting to survey Muslims in Britain and find out.

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    Timothy (TRiG) November 18, 2010

    There was some problem with this in Afganistan a while ago, wasn’t there? Proposed legislation which would have made marital rape illegal was shot down, if I can trust my memory. I must look that up.


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    dmarks November 21, 2010

    “No we like that women can choose what to do with their own body and the rules of a religion where raping wives is ok”

    The atheist-run rape camps of the Serbian empire in the 1990s probably have far more victims than what you describe. And don’t forget the hundreds of thousands of German women raped under the express order of one of the greatest Atheist proselytizers of all time, Josef Stalin.

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    Dereleased November 24, 2010

    @dmarks: Things done by a person of a particular religious (non-)persuasion DO NOT EQUAL the FOUNDING PRINCIPLES of a religion. Anybody can be an evil, sadistic bastard, religion or the lack thereof does little to temper this; the issue at hand, however, is a religion, and inherently powerful social and psychological construct/tool, which devalues women to the point where they CANNOT choose what happens to their own bodies.

    Yes, what Stalin did was terrible, but saying that “an atheist did this so therefore all atheists think this” is equally as inaccurate as saying “Islamic doctrine teaches this therefore all Muslims think this”; the issue we take is not with all Muslims, just with the people who practice this inhuman behavior.

    PEOPLE of all races and religions are guilty of committing despicable acts such as those you described, but rarely are these values enshrined into the “holy” values thereof; This is one such case, and the fact that it is stuck to so rigidly by those in leadership who refuse to admit that it’s not even an anachronism because it was wrong then, too, are the people being pointed at.

    If you can come up with a “founding articles of atheism” document wherein it says “It’s totes cool to go around raping women” and a majority of atheists agree with that sentiment, then your argument will hold weight. As it stands, you are doing nothing but pointing out tragedies and trying to use guilt by association to prove them evil; this is fallacious and you surely know it.

    People’s lives are not a pissing contest for us to prove that religious, atheist, secular or whatever group of people are up to perpetrating more evil than the other. We must stamp out and eradicate all instances of such flagrant injustice — this case just happens to be a bit more difficult because it is enshrined as a tenet of their religion, and humans rights abuses aside it makes the situation that much more tense.