Creationist book and Science Minister versus facts

With Science Minister Conor Lenihan winning our September Really Truly True Believer of the Month Award for planning to launch an anti-evolution book by creationist John J. May, here are two excellent videos by Shane Owen that will confuse both the Minister and the author with, what do you call those things, oh yes, I remember now… facts.


“Evolution – The Ride” by kevin dooley is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Michael Nugent


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    Stonyground October 05, 2010

    That was truly astonishing, this guy truly is an imbecile and is too stupid to even recognise his own stupidity. The contrast between his ignorant rantings and the calm way in which the voice-over demolishes them is a delight. Well done.

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    Stonyground October 06, 2010

    I forgot to mention yesterday that, as an engineer, I am pretty sure that a pump could be designed to run continuously for a hundred years if that was required. The reason that we don’t design them is that there is not a need to. In any case, machinery can generally be repaired indefinitely and so in practice could pretty much last forever anyway. The reasons that this is not usually done is that machines become outdated when superceded by more modern ones, and that at some point repairing the machine becomes more expensive than replacing it. There are cars and motorcycles that are a hundred years old that still run. Granted they have not run continuously and are now preserved due to being interesting rather than as daily transport but they do still work.

    Having said all that, I think that comparing organic stuff to machines has limited value as the differences far outnumber the similarities.

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    David Millar October 07, 2010

    Nice work!