The really, truly True Believer™ of the Month Award July 2010

Like the opening award in June, July has not disappointed for some strange nominations for this competition and the results were closely contested until at the end a clear winner broke ranks and raced ahead.

Joint third place we award this month to many of the members of Atheist Ireland. Yes it is the Irish Tax payer! This month the tax payers of Ireland forked out to have a small piece of a corpse assigned a Police Escort as it toured Ireland on holiday. Well done everyone. I hope you all get on to your local TD to let him know how grateful you are that your money was allocated in such a way without your consent.

“The relic was taken under Garda escort to Killucan yesterday where it will remain until Thursday next. Then it will be brought to Dublin’s Mater hospital.“ Presumably where it will be pronounced Dead On Arrival???

Second place this month however goes to the court who convicted a man of rape in an incident that the Court itself described as “consensual sex”. In an event that can only be described as “rape by deception” the man was convicted of rape for enticing a woman into bed by the worlds best chat up line of “My name is Daniel”. Slick.

Delivery man Sabbar Kashur has now put men all over the world in a state of abject terror as they realise that this is a precedent for having all deception considered rape. Whether you have pretended to be single when you were not, neglected to mention to the nice catholic girl you are actually an atheist, or you have been known to stuff some socks into your pants to fill out your manhood… you are now a criminal on the run.

All of which brings us to this months winner with over 30% of the votes this month…

The Vatican and it’s horrific media faux pa this month of equating Child Abuse with the Ordination of women in it’s top list of crimes.

Worse than that it appears to us that they in fact think the ordination of women even worse than the systematic torture, rape and intimidation of children, resulting in womens groups and catholic groups speaking out against the documents.

Well done to all at the Vatican for this months award. We look forward to seeing your entry for August. for which nominations are now open



  1. Avatar
    nozzferrahhtoo August 02, 2010

    To be honest I myself wanted to see the Muslims who prayed in the “wrong direction” win this one. Hey, you can not win them all alas! 🙂

  2. Avatar
    Steve Dugges August 02, 2010

    Nice one Nozz, I was in stitches!!

  3. Avatar
    F.O'B September 03, 2010

    Great article! Witty and incisive.