A celebration of artistic freedom and intellectual discourse at IMOCA

‘Blasphemous’: a celebration of artistic freedom.

The Irish Museum of Contemporary Art, Dublin is hosting the exhibition “Blasphemous” from 2nd April 2010.

“Perhaps the most blasphemous notion to any religion is the existence and practice of all others, and so keeping that in mind we applaud the diversity of the artists’ practices, if only to present a tableau for debate.”


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    Barry Johnstone June 13, 2010

    In my view blasphemy is a totally victimless crime! How is possible for a supposedly advanced society like Ireland to believe in such superstitious nonsense? I thought that these things died out in the middle ages. Apparently not. This breathtakingly stupid legislation that has been foisted is only one the reasons why I’m an enthusiastic atheist! (I’m sorry our All Blacks won……………..No I’m not really)