Educate Together’s Paul Rowe & PZ Myers at UCC Feb 2010

Paul Rowe and PZ Myers discuss secular education in Ireland and America.

Paul Rowe discusses Educate Together, where the catholic religion is taken out of the classroom. For an atheist in Ireland many are forced to baptise their children just that they can get an education, as a state funded catholic school can refuse children not-of-their-ethos.

A lot of time is assigned to religious indoctrination (Communion, morning prayer, bible stories) that does not correspond with a so called secular-state. Many secularists believe that the time could be better spent learning other subjects like having computer studies within school hours rather than after hours.

Paul talks about bringing groups together to share their beliefs not segregate them into different groups from the early age of five.

PZ Myers in part 5 will talk about the American education system and the battle with young Earth Creationist that attempt getting Intelligent Design taught in the classroom.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


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