Campaign for a Secular Constitution

Atheist Ireland is seeking your help to launch and shape a new long-term campaign with two important aims: to repeal the new Irish blasphemy law and to attain a secular Irish Constitution.

Specifically, we are asking you to do three things: send us a message of support, get actively involved in shaping this project, and lobby to persuade Irish politicians to pursue these policies.

We will soon be holding public meetings around Ireland to launch this campaign. We want it to include religious and nonreligious people working together, within Ireland and with international support. The campaign has one common aim that transcends any other differences we may have: that all Irish citizens, of all beliefs and none, can live together in equality, with the State being neutral on matters of religion.

In recent decades, several independent and all-party committees (most whose members were Christians) have repeatedly called for an end to discrimination against nonreligious citizens in our Constitution. Not only has this not been done, but a new religious crime has now been created. The blasphemy law is the final straw. We need a secular Irish Constitution, and we need it now. Please help to make this happen.



Atheist Ireland


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    m January 03, 2010

    Dude, I an atheist too, but would take an exception to your statement the Islam is anti-semitic.

    A. Antisemitism is a modern and if one dares say, mostly, at least until very recently, Western European affliction. For the most part, Muslims did not care about race; only about the citizens’ faith.

    B. Arabs themselves, the majority of the adherents of Islam at the time of Muhammad’s death, are Semites, if we were to talk about racial divides. In fact, they share much of the same linguistic, cultural and historical roots as Jews.

    C. Much of the hadith, were discarded as fabrications during the 2nd and 3rd centuries of Islam, with only some chosen as the most reasonable. Even today, the hadith are taken with a grain of salt among reasonable Muslim. In essence, if you are an athiest, pick the fight with Muslim fundamentalists where it is worth fighting, such as the existence of God itself; or, the multiple schisms that divide the Muslims today, in a religion purportedly brought as the last work of the almighty.

    Other than that, I thought you had a good blog. Spread the Good Word: There is No God!!

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    John Berbatis January 04, 2010

    To all friendly atheists & agnostics,

    The following references will provide positive information to what I have stated below; ‘The Holographic Universe – it’s an illusion’. (You Tube), ‘Beige the Colour of the Universe’ (, Scientific America (August, 2003) – ‘Holographic Universe’ and fractal crystal
    Can the atheists or agnostics prove atheism? Can they satisfactorily explain why time remains stable or why there are uniform, ‘universal laws of physics’ – such as, the speed of light and makeup of elements?
    Some take for granted everything works by mere chance … dreamers!

    Kind regards

    John Berbatis 4 January, 2010

    Logical proof of Monotheism & Pantheism.

    Syllogisms that I submitted in 1998, which were recognized by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights – Dr Mary Robinson and the Hon. Justice Michael D. Kirby AC CMG of the High Court of Australia.

    Theos – The Supreme Good.

    Time must exist before matter can be created, and only an animate entity can conceive of space-time. Time must be a stabilized and uniform condition before matter can form, thus Monotheism is a Truth.

    The Universe consists of space-time; which is functionally active and growing but remains stable. These combined characteristics are indicative of an animate entity only, thus Pantheism is a fact.
    As a consequence, all mortals’ behaviour and attitudes become conspicuous by our Creator.

    Reality is the dream of a Universal sentient being. Sensations of all mortals are merely light flashes within elongated fractal crystals, flowing in a white mist which is time itself; ensconced within a beige coloured and velvet textured Pearl, that is, a holographic Universe.

    If all electrical particles were in different time zones – matter would not form, thus time is a controlled electromagnetic radiation (energy) E = mc2.

    To be perfect – one must know the past, present and future, there is only one, the one that created Time.

    John Berbatis
    4/21 Cornelian St, Scarborough 6019, Perth, Australia 61 0422621382

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    Monica January 04, 2010

    Why has it taken so long to arrive at this conclusion that you need a secular constitution? You have needed it for longer than you know! You need laws with teeth in them to alert citizens to the real abuses – spousal abuse, child abuse, to name some of the most heinous, and make the penalties appropriate and evenhanded. Make your island a country to be proud of that expats want to return to instead of the disgraceful parody of itself that it is now.