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Chairperson  – Michael Nugent,

Secretary  – – Katie Levine

Finance – Muiris Ó Conchúir,

Regional – Chris Hind,

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Human Rights Officer – Jane Donnelly

Secular Sunday – Editorial Team

Teachers concerns – Chris Hind

Peter Hinchcliffe


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    Taina Hollo March 20, 2014

    Hello! I am a Finnish lady, a known atheist (former president of Finnish free-thinkers’ association) and a fresh fan of Ireland and the Irish language. I would like to ask you two questions:

    1) I have just started learning Irish, and one of the first things I have been wondering is: do atheists, too, use greetings like “Dia duit” or do you have other possibilities (other than English greetings)?

    2) As a fan and an enthusiastic knitter I would love to use Irish symbols or colours in my knitting, but as well as I understand, almost every colour and symbol seems to be related to religion… Are there not any secular Irish symbols?

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      Arthur Deeny October 28, 2014

      In fact Irish speakers in the Gaeltacht more commonly greeting one another by saying “Conas ata tu?” How are you. To which the reply is “Ta me go maith” (please pardon the lack of accents). In Donegal they say Go deimear ata thu? which has pretty much the same meaning. The Dia dhuit thing is of course a symptom of the clerical control of Irish education.

      • Avatar
        Mark Ó Fátharta June 19, 2017

        I am an atheist and an Irish speaker and I can confirm that unfortunately we do sometimes use the term “Dia Dhuit” or for me the response “Dia is Muire duit’. “Conas atá tú” while seen as the standard is from the Munster dialect is not used in the Galway Gaeltacht. In Galway, people will use “Dia Dhuit” (Hello), “Cén chaoi a bhfuil tú?” (How are you?) and Cé déanamh amach? (How are you?). I always regret saying it but the only meaning it has for me is the greeting. I try to use the others as much as possible.

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      Aidan O\'Flanagan February 05, 2015

      Check out some of the carvings from Newgrange, the massive stone at the entrance to the chambers in particular:

      These are very well known (and loved) in Ireland. They pre-date Christianity – by quite a stretch – and I think they might be useful to you in your search for cool Irish symbols!

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    michael meyerson March 29, 2014

    I recently made an App that allows one to engage and debate Bible Punchers rather than dismiss them. The intention is to try and enlighten Bible Punchers rather than ridicule them. The common view that these people are harmless is clearly wrong.The list of harms associated with religious fundamentalism is huge. To mention a few- certain sects (Christian Scientists, Pentacostalists) refuse traditional medicine and rely instead on Faith Healing, others (Jehova’s Witnesses) prefer to die rather than receive a blood transfusion, they oppress women and oppose homosexuality, each sect believes that only they are correct, they often ban their followers from watching TV, listening to music, dancing, enjoying certain foods, drinks etc etc.
    The blurb for the App is below. Would it be possible for you to post the blurb on your Facebook page and/or website?


    Bible Basher, Bible Thumper and Bible Puncher are all phrases used to describe individuals, usually religious fundamentalists, who impose their religious beliefs on others. It’s no longer necessary to dismiss those who accost you on the street or whose door knocking disturbs your afternoon sleep simply because you lack the knowledge, ability or readily available material with which to engage them. The means to debate and defeat a Bible Puncher are now available on your Smartphone. Defend yourself! You can now download the App PUNCH-BACK: THE ATHEIST’S ALLY and access the most troubling (for a fundamentalist) scriptural contradictions, errors, false prophecies and absurdities—all with Chapter and Verse references. The App was rejected by Apple on the grounds that it may cause offence! It can, however, be obtained on Android devices using this link

    • Avatar
      Helen O Shea March 29, 2014

      Hi Micheal you can go ahead and post on our facebook group page but we keep our official facebook page for lobbying issues.

  3. Avatar
    jim lynas May 24, 2014

    do you have representation in the Belfast area?

    • Avatar
      Helen O Shea June 12, 2014

      Not at the moment but if you wish to set one up or a meetup group we could help.

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    Aoife Keegan June 04, 2014

    Hi, I was wondering if you have any information on excommunicating ones self from the Roman Catholic Church. I was baptised Catholic but I am an Atheist and I want to make it official. It doesn’t seem that it’s as easy as just saying it. Is there any way I can declare my atheism and have it officially recognised that I am no longer Catholic?

    • Avatar
      Helen O Shea June 12, 2014

      There use to be a website where you could formally defect called count me out. However the Vatican changed this saying baptism was a historical fact and unfortunately the website folded. You won’t get them to formally recognize that you have left the church. The only way to declare your an atheist is to not be silent when people assume you are catholic. Excommunication does not mean your atheism is accepted or baptism rejected either.

    • Avatar
      Helen O Shea November 21, 2014

      You could make a symbolic defection by registering on our site.

    • Avatar
      Leaver December 16, 2016

      I formally defected. It did take some persistence, but I now have written confirmation an am no longer catholic. There is automatic mechanism for leaving the church, so it depends on the discretion of the Bishop in your diocese. You have to make your own case to the bishop. If he (it’s always a he) decides to grant formal defection, he will pass on the instruction to your parish of baptism to have your baptism record amended. Persistence is your ally in this matter.

      • Avatar
        Brian McGinley April 01, 2018

        In Germany catholics and protestants have an additional 1% of their income tax paid by the Germsn Government to their church, which is why German churches are rich. In order to withdraw from church tax you have to go to your parish priest and specifically leave the church. Only then will the Government stop taking the extra 1% off you.

      • Avatar
        Saif November 22, 2019

        Hi, I am an atheist from Morocco. I face many constraints here and I want to join you, please

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    Lise Underwood September 23, 2014

    I am thinking of joining Atheist Ireland. However, can you please correct your registration form. ‘Cheque’ is not spelt ‘check’ – this mistake makes you all look like eejits!

    • Avatar
      Helen O Shea September 23, 2014

      Thanks Lise, We will update that. If you join before or on the 25 of October you get a vote at our AGM. Hope to see you there.

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    cathal January 05, 2015

    I was wondering could I speak with a member of Atheist ireland regarding formally leaving the Catholic Church and the right to secular education.
    Thank you


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    lise underwood January 31, 2015

    Can you please tell me if Atheist Ireland is a registered charity?

  8. Avatar
    Stephen Drumm February 01, 2015

    Can I offer a suggestion for your placards at your next demo? –

    People before Prophets

    • Avatar
      Michael Houlihan February 05, 2015

      I love that….

    • Avatar
      Aidan O\'Flanagan February 08, 2015

      Yep, that’s a winner…

    • Avatar
      Lucy Halpin March 31, 2016

      very nice

      • Avatar
        No religion in education September 29, 2019

        Why is conferring at Dundalk it in a Catholic cathedral at Patrick’s this year it is all over their website

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    john daly February 17, 2015

    hi, im looking for help, im a born again christian 7yrs now, for the last 2yrs iv started to ask questions and the answers i get from christans is im been attacked by the enemy for these anti god thoughts, i cant prove to you there is a god but can you prove to me there is not a god, if you can i will listen,

    • Avatar
      Brendan Perry March 07, 2016

      Hi John. There is no proof that gods don’t exist. Atheism is not a denial of anything. It is just a lack of belief in any god existing. I do not believe what Christians believe. I do not believe what Muslims believe. I do not believe what Hindus believe. Born again Christians agree with me on two of those points.

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    j July 05, 2015

    After living in Switzerland where self declared catholics pay extra tax @3% on their income I think it would be a great idea for Ireland.

  11. Avatar
    Tony Chearnley August 14, 2015

    Not sure about the wording of the website, it speaks of catholic and the catholic church changing its rules to frustrate people trying to leave. Is this the roman catholic church you speak of? As far as I am aware the protestant churches are sometimes classed as catholic as well, indeed the CoI creed specifically uses the wording ” We believe in one holy catholic and apostolic Church”. I am not aware of the “protestant” churches changing the rules to frustrate people wishing to leave. A quick search reveals…… The Protestant reformers understood themselves to be a part of “the holy catholic church.”Millions of Protestants still repeat these words every week as they stand in worship to recite the Apostles’ Creed.The word catholic was first used in this sense in the early second century when Ignatius of Antioch declared, “Where Jesus Christ is, there is the catholic church.”Jesus Christ is the head of the church, as well as its Lord. Protestant believers in the tradition of the Reformation understand the church to be the body of Christ extended throughout time as well as space, the whole company of God’s redeemed people through the ages. Is this website aimed at roman catholics?

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    qenawy February 01, 2016

    i am egyptian atheist now i am in Europe and seeking to asylum , can u help me in that

    • Avatar
      Helen O Shea February 09, 2016

      Hi qenawy, We cannot help you in this matter. I would advise you to contact amnesty international at;
      Amnesty International Ireland
      Sean MacBride House
      48 Fleet Street
      Dublin 2
      Tel (+3531) 863 8300
      Fax (+3531) 671 9338

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    Shawer February 07, 2016

    Hello, I’ve written a book in response to a very prominent book that was published in Egypt and the Arab world titled “A dialogue with my atheist friend”. The title of my book is “A dialogue with my believing mentor”, in Arabic. Are you in a position to help me publish this book at all in the middle East (in Arabic)??
    Many thanks,

  14. Avatar
    John March 24, 2016

    I feel sorry for all pagans on this site and the heretic sputing hate on RTE tonight – it is unfortunate enough that you have no hope and no faith, spreading your evil secular message is something that you will be called to account for when you return to your maker for judgement. May our Lord forgive you.

    • Avatar
      Lucy Halpin March 31, 2016

      No worries John, i’ll just get my imaginary friend to kick your imaginary friend’s butt!!

  15. Avatar
    Lucy Halpin March 31, 2016

    Hi there. I’ve just joined but for some reason it charged me twice. When you get a chance, could someone contact me to resolve it? Thanks

    • Avatar
      Helen O Shea March 31, 2016

      Hi Lucy,
      We only have one payment from you on paypal (for 25 euro) and one active subscription (which will automatically renew your payment next year). Can you check your own paypal records to see if two payments went through?

    • Avatar
      Helen O Shea March 31, 2016

      Thanks for joining!!

      • Avatar
        Lucy Halpin March 31, 2016

        Hey Helen.
        Thanks for getting back to me. Will have a look but i’m sure its fine, it was your own membership page that i said it was paid twice.

        • Avatar
          Helen O Shea March 31, 2016

          Hi Lucy
          Two orders did go through but one was under reveiw – which I’ve cancelled. Only one order was paid via paypal. You might get an automatic email about the cancelled order.

    • Avatar
      Richard Owen August 20, 2018

      I was with paypal, until they ripped me off, they returned the money but there was no apology, excuse or reason given for the incident, I dropped them and will go back, I know it was just one dishonest employee, but I’m not risking it again…

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    Brian McMahon April 03, 2016

    The following is an e-mail I sent to census Ireland. I thought it may be of interest to you.

    Question on Religion.
    Brian McMahon 23/03/2016

    Regarding the question on one’s religion,I believe that you will not get an accurate picture with the way the question is asked. The box to tick”No Religion”is confusing as it does not indicate if you ever have been a member of a religion,or born into a religious family but do not particularly believe yourself,or indeed,for instance,if you are a Communist and have never had a religion.

    The question should ask whether one is an Atheist for example,it is currently incorrect,does not give accurate results and should be changed immediately before the census actually happens.

    Your’s Sincerely, Brian McMahon.

    This is their reply,

    Dear Brian,

    Thank you for your correspondence regarding the question on religion for Census 2016.

    Given budget circumstances the Government has decided that the least costly option for Census 2016 should be pursued. Accordingly the 2016 census will be run as a ‘no-change’ census and the questions on the 2016 Census questionnaire will be the same as those used in the 2011 Census, with the exception of the question on marital status.

    It has been common practice to conduct a public consultation in advance of each census and to convene a Census Advisory Group to consider the submissions received. Unfortunately given the budgetary circumstances over a sustained period, with very tight constraints on resources right across the public sector, it has not been possible to pursue this route for Census 2016.

    We anticipate that should there be a census in 2021 a full public consultation on the questions to be asked will be conducted in advance. We will retain your correspondence in relation to the religion question.

    The below link, explains how to answer each question.

  17. Avatar
    Neil July 04, 2016


    I’m just looking for some help. I’m a convinced atheist but am in need of a therapist. I’m looking to find an atheist mental health therapist. I had issues with a therapist before around this. Just hoping you could point me in the right direction as I feel I could only open up to a genuine atheist.


  18. Avatar
    Neil Harrington July 24, 2016

    Richard Dawkins A-symbol is meant to proudly proclaim that there is no afterlife. Yet it is an exact copy of a very old afterlife symbol! This type of copying is a little known phenomenon, but can be found in abundance in the historical record.

    Atheists should consider this one illuminating example when claiming that there has been no supernormal or supernatural occurrences in earth’s history. Start researching and you may discover what I am talking about ignorance is no excuse.
    Start here – humans are self replicating (‘to replicate’ means ‘to make an exact copy’.) But there are different kinds of copying!

  19. Avatar
    David Doyle July 24, 2016

    Hi Helen, I have lost my password for log in. When I send for a password reset I get this message “ERROR: Empty CAPTCHA”. Can you please look into. Thanks.

    • Avatar
      Mary McGrath August 01, 2016

      I had the same problem. It looks like there should be a space to put in a captcha code but there isn’t one. Thankfully, in my case, my password came back to me! 🙂

      • Avatar
        Helen O Shea August 02, 2016

        I think its a problem with a certain version of internet explorer. What version are you using Mary?

  20. Avatar
    Mary McGrath August 02, 2016

    That did occur to me, Helen. I’m using Chrome, as it happens. But I know IE doesn’t really like things based on the WordPress platform.

  21. Avatar
    Neil Harrington August 22, 2016

    Why does the atheist Ireland website display the A-symbol, recently adopted by Richard Dawkins? It was designed to proudly announce that there is no afterlife. But this A shape is also a very old afterlife symbol!! Richard Dawkins and most atheists obviously know little about religion. It’s far better to say that you just don’t understand the great mystery of life. Then start searching through the historical record. It may take a long time, but you will surely come across the supernormal. It’s all found in the recorded information. Here’s a clue – think symbols and Carl Jung. Study religion and the military. Look especially at the known origin of things. You will discover that certain events in history recur precisely, yet in different geographical locations. It’s way beyond random coincidence. Good luck!

  22. Avatar
    Damien Muldoon January 18, 2017

    Just wondering if you were aware of the U.S. phone in show, “The Atheist Experience” and if you ever considered doing a similar show on Irish radio or T.V. As an Atheist myself I support your efforts in promoting truth.

  23. Avatar
    Kate February 10, 2017

    My son will be starting school in September and I’m looking for a bit of advice on how to deal with the religious side of things. I don’t want him partaking in religion but I don’t want to make a big deal of it for his sake. Do you have any advice on how I should talk to the school about it if there is an issue? He thinks churches are castles so he really has no clue about religion, how do I explain it to him?
    Any advice would be appreciated

  24. Avatar
    Fintan March 11, 2017

    Do you have the leaflet on the website that outlines how I can help to support religious equality?

  25. Avatar
    Gerry LaRue April 02, 2017

    I was recently in Waterford over St. Patrick’s day week and was surprised and pleased to find an Atheist Ireland table set up on Broad street. I hadn’t expected that. My wife and I had a nice chat for a few minutes with the three men at the table about dominant role of religion in Irish schools (and perhaps its coming to American schools with the rise of the school voucher system). As a life long atheist living in Los Angeles, I was happy to see that atheism is alive and well in Ireland! My best wishes for your continuing success!

  26. Avatar
    Delaacour April 13, 2017

    Hi. I’m living in a country where I cannot say out loud that I’m an atheist. Our thoughts are not free here. I don’t want to say what country is this for certain reasons. I raised as a Muslim. I’m 23 now, I’m still not free. When I’m 17, I find my way out of Islam. And this is my story:
    Maybe you can read or share with other people. I can’t even use my real name. Even my family doesn’t know, I can’t say. I use some foreign word as my name in my blog. It’s hard not having anybody to talk about this. I wish I could’ve been there to join you personally and I wish I could’ve see beautiful Ireland But I’m gonna register for sure. I’m glad these kinds of platforms are exist. I hope you’ll reach more people who are rational and smart enough to think thay way. Peace.

  27. Avatar
    Allison Palmer April 28, 2017

    An Irish American atheist, moving to Ireland in 8 years. Looking forward to meeting up with my bretherand.

  28. Avatar
    Sean May 08, 2017

    I was curious as to whether anyone on here has considered running or supporting the run of a state and church separation candidate for the Dáil?

    It would be crucial to get the manifesto correct. As important than anything would be headlining how secularism is not the same as anti-catholicism, this would freeze out the wingnuts from the get-go.

    Let me know, this is something I would be personally interested in brainstorming with an interested group.

  29. Avatar
    edmundmorel August 30, 2017

    Believers think “god” (is god male/female or without gender?) has a human-llike psyche: He (or she) punishes “the bad” and rewards “the good”. First of all, humans are neither good nor bad, we are both, like zebras, black and white, the cult of the saints is nonsense. And: Human feelings for justice, the good deeds should be rewarded and evil deeds punished, have been developed in the evolution of homo sapiens from our ape-like ancestors, we are the “animals” with the most complex social behavior. So, god, who is said to be a “creator”, the “cause” of the big bang, cannot have a human-like psyche with a feeling of justice, because god (or his forerunners /”ancestors”) did not evolve from ape-like ancestors into social beings like homo sapiens did.

    Believers “invent” a “god” in their fantasy which is humanlike-this is unreasonable.

  30. Avatar
    Repent Hell Is Real October 12, 2017

    You cannot sensibly say, “There is no God.” because you would have to know all things and be aware of everything that exists. Can human beings say, “We know and have discovered all things”? If not, then they are in no position to intelligently say, “There is no God”.

  31. Avatar
    No Second Chance In Eternity October 12, 2017

    Jesus died to reconcile sinful men to a holy God. The Just for the unjust! How can that make sense to a sinful natural man? God agrees with you that it is indeed foolishness to you to believe the gospel but He warns; he that has ears let him hear. God will never condescend lower than He has down in Christ to reach us. Depending on our decision; we are always the loosers and gainers. The world is proving God to be right because the attitude of everyone of us is documented in the Bible.

  32. Avatar
    Hell is waiting October 12, 2017

    I find it disturbing that you believe that this world functions by itself without anyone running it. It is inconceivable to believe that all seasons, rain, sun, day, night, etc are a product of chance and that there is no power behind this great universe. Oh man in sin is spiritually dead to the things of the spirit of God. Repent and stop deceiving yourself. Eternity is too long to be wrong!

  33. Avatar
    You can’t escape from the wrath to come October 12, 2017

    There comes a day you wish you were never born, I can guarantee you my friends that Jesus will keeps His words. Delete every preaching that comes your way, harden your heart, shut your ears to preachers, the grace of God will not tarry with you forever. Many in Hell wish they can hear repent. It is your choice to go to Hell!

  34. Avatar
    Janet Benson October 13, 2017

    Hello there,

    I’m based in Sligo and would very much like to help at all if I can.

    Please let me know if there is anything I can do in the NorthWest!


  35. Avatar
    The Voice Of A Preacher October 14, 2017

    Anyone who thinks he can examine Almighty God and then dismiss Him is surely a fool. The Bible warns that only a fool can say there is no God. To say that there is no God is to pride yourself to a state of knowing all things, and we know that we are limited in our thinking. I write not to shame you but as dear friends, I warn you because of what lies ahead of you in eternity. There is a way that seems right in the eyes of a sinful man but the end of that road is eternal death. There is no way anyone can escape Hell by denying Christ our Savior and Lord. Repent before it is too late. No second chance in eternity! I have not flattered you but you have been warned over and over not to play games with God.

  36. Avatar
    Denise October 15, 2017

    Hi, I was going to join Atheist Ireland until I saw your campaign to Repeal the 8th. Now, I feel I have no voice. I am an atheist who believes that all life is precious, and that each individual has an inherent right to life, independent of the rights of their parents, at all stages of their development. Does anyone else feel like me?

    • Avatar
      John Donnelly February 20, 2018

      Yes – I feel like you. What the right to life has got to do with either religion or God, I don’t know.

  37. Avatar
    David Brendan McGinnity October 16, 2017

    Poor old Ireland is in a state of denial and is marching backwards to the “Irish Inquisition”. Are we to find mass graves (in years to come) of disobedient children with broken limbs and broken skulls? As already proven, that is the Catholic Church’s solution to any concept of lateral thinking. Very few people of intellect believe or accept all this post Constantine baloney about Jesus. In this modern era, does the Catholic Church believe that people can be intimidated into accepting such bizarre nonsense? The people who promote and perpetrate this senseless bigotry in the face of logic and reason are psychotic.

  38. Avatar
    Turnaround Call October 17, 2017

    Men need arguments to prove their words are true; but the Word of God is sufficient witness to itself. It cannot be the product of man. The matter contained in the Holy Scriptures demonstrates that the Bible is heavenly descent. Repent before it is too late for you in eternity.

  39. Avatar
    Peter Lewis January 29, 2018

    Hello in Eire

    I am trying to purchase “Is my family odd about gods” from your web site

    I keep getting a message about ‘method of shipping’ not selected !

    Please let me know how to get around this problem

    Many thanks



    • Avatar
      Helen O Shea January 29, 2018

      Hi Peter, thanks for your interest in buying this book. We currently dont have shipping rates set for Australia, how many books are you looking to purchase, if its just the one then email and we will work out alternate shipping for you.

  40. Avatar
    John Donnelly February 20, 2018

    Hello… I agree with the mission statement and aims of Atheist Ireland (Secular and just society with no involvement from or state funding for organised religions, etc. ) Yet I believe in God. If it wasn’t for that unfortunate detail – I’d join!! It looks, to me, like the aims of the organisation are more about mitigating the influence of organised religion (which I agree with) than about debunking the notion of a supreme being.

  41. Avatar
    Alan Matthews February 20, 2018

    From the UK I wish Atheist Ireland every success. I think it tragic that such a wonderful country and people have been crippled for generations by the hideous nonsense of Catholic Christianity. From your correspondence I see that there are still plenty of fools threatening us with hell for all eternity. Perhaps they would like to bring back the Inquisition (they burnt the last heretic at the stake in 1861). Such is the power of indoctrination in early childhood. It is essential that you concentrate on education of the young. They must learn to make their own judgements on spiritual and moral issues according to reason and the evidence presented to their senses. If there was such a thing as Humanist “prayers” I would remember you and all of Ireland in mine.

  42. Avatar
    Audrey February 21, 2018


    I’m an American university journalism student visiting Ireland in the spring. I’m interested in atheism in Ireland, and to see how atheist convictions can affect a person’s day to day life in a largely religious nation. I would appreciate having a conversation with anyone who feels they could shed light on this subject for me. Please comment below or email me at to talk about it.


  43. Avatar
    Mark Cesare March 21, 2018

    Indeed, the Bible is a fraud on and against the people!

    It was written to give a few (greedy, controlling and power hungry) people hiding behind a nation of people (Jews) power to control others, even enrich them — by having an invisible, all powerful “God/G-d” watching over everyone with their fictional “holiness” or “sins” — to make people behave the way they wanted or pay (to be excused).

    In addition, they created a “Chosen People” to further empower themselves as the leaders of a great and rich (promises of “all the worlds’ gold”) nation (their “promised land”), that their God created (“made all things”) and all that’s in and on it including us humans they also needed to dehumanize as their ” goyim” (cattle/sheep%property).

    And with their fictional definition of sins or the opposite Holiness (that we are all supposed to achieve for a savior) they were able to control and manipulate population growth especially condemning the sexually immoral (the apostle Paul). From which many governments and businesses went along with it for their own financial and social goals. Then after overpopulating they then depopulate for-profits too with a War Industry.

    Of course the people yearned for their savior, and more lies were invented to support Jesus as well, such as faith healing — which also caused and causes problems till today.

    We will not be free from this religious oppression until the Bible and the Talmud too — as well as any wightings based upon this self-serving fiction — are labeled as the dangerous and self-serving fictions they are and those that promote and print it are brought to justice, fined and stopped.

    Thank you for your efforts to bring to light the fiction here and fraud too — perpetrated against all of mankind.

  44. Avatar
    John Carlshausen March 22, 2018

    I have written a book titled,”Religion Delusion”. I would like to send you a copy.

  45. Avatar
    ivor hession May 25, 2018

    hey, i quick enquiry!

    Given EU GPDR legislation which is now coming into force, has anyone consider how this could be seen in the light of the now dead Count Me Out campaign to get people to remove them selves from the church from some years back.
    With the GPDR anyone can request an organisation to tell them what data they have on them and to delete all that data! Would this not be a useful way to have your name struck off all their records?


  46. Avatar
    Dominic Omenai May 30, 2018

    Hello, I will like to bring to the attention of Atheist Ireland the current call to action concerning a book drive on the website homepage of Atheist Alliance International.
    I’m hoping that Atheists Ireland will participate in the project.
    Thank You.

  47. Avatar
    sota July 14, 2018

    Can someone make good use of my ticket to the Sam Harris/Douglas Murray/ Jordan Peterson event Saturday night, July 14th? I bought it long ago hoping to be there for it, but will not be. I also have a ticket for the London event, July 16th.

    If someone can put this ticket to good use, please email me at:
    “subject: Dublin Ticket?”

    Sorry for the short notice… I hope there is time to make good use of it.
    I believe I can just email the ticket, but I may be mistaken.
    Each ticket (the one for Dublin and the one for London) are “cheap seats”
    so “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth” 😉

  48. Avatar
    Danny Doyle August 25, 2018


    My name is Danny Doyle, I am currently enrolled in a religious course which has required me to ask for four explanations from a particular worldview and I have chosen the Atheistic view.

    I would greatly appreciate it if you were able to answer these four meanings based from your beliefs.

    1. Origin
    2. Meaning
    3. Morality
    4. Destiny

    This would really help me in my understanding of different beliefs.

    Kindest Regards

    • Avatar
      Helen O Shea August 27, 2018

      Hi Danny, while not intending to do your homework I’ll briefly answer from my personal outlook as an atheist. All children are born atheists and learn god from what ever culture they are brought up in. The default is no god. Atheists tend to make there own meaning to life, be it family, work, environmental issues or personal goals and ambitions. Morality comes from being social creatures that need to get on with other people so by the process of evolution developed a set of behaviours and practices that promote cooperation which developed into morality. People know from empathy what is right and wrong without a god telling them as euthyphro dilemma illustrates. Destiny is to eventually have atoms of our body recycled into other things, consciousness and the self are gone after death but that this life is the only one there is and to hopefully make it a bit better when you leave it then when you entered it. As atheism is not a dogma, if you ask another atheist you may very well get a variations in answers to your questions.

  49. Avatar
    Harry August 26, 2018

    Hello there! I am an American looking to possibly move to Ireland in the future. My mother is an Irish native born in Belfast, so I understand that qualifies me for dual citizenship. I’m looking in particular for information regarding being an atheist in Ireland, particularly an “immigrant” atheist. What is the atmosphere like for atheists in Ireland? What areas of Ireland, if any, are more accepting of or friendly toward atheists? What areas might need help with atheism advocacy? I’m not sure how much help I might be in this regard, but I fancy myself a rational thinker, decent public speaker, and good debater. But that is for a later time. If someone could answer these questions for me, I’d be most grateful. Thanks!

    • Avatar
      Helen O Shea August 27, 2018

      Hi Harry, people in Ireland are generally tolerant of atheists particularly in cities. Ireland was the first country to vote for same sex marriage and social practices have moved away from church control. However the school system is not as tolerant. Most of the schools here are catholic schools and it is pot luck whether or not the catholic school is accepting of children from non religious background or not. Frequently inclusiveness in school ethos means that they will include you in catholic practices rather than truly respecting non religious perspectives. This also may prove difficult if you wish to go into teaching here as our schools are exempt from discrimination laws on the issue of religion. Atheist Ireland are always looking for volunteers so drop in to one of our events if/when you arrive in Ireland.

  50. Avatar
    Neil Hickey September 03, 2018

    Hi, I’ve been an atheist since I was 14, 51 years ago. I would like to know where most if not all Christians have the milk of human kindness. Nowhere do I see religious people loving those that differ from them. Nowhere do I hear acceptance for different sexuality. Nowhere do I see equality for women. I have been bombarded with Christian beliefs all my life but there seems to be very little Christian kindness. The only thing I can extrapolate from this is that people who believe in god seem to believe in hurting those seemingly weaker. Are these the actions of humble people? I want to be like the more giving members of society not the ones who try to destroy all that is good about human nature. Thank you Neil Hickey

  51. Avatar
    sadeek September 09, 2018

    Hi. I am abubaker. And I am from Afghanistan. And I was born in Muslim family. But now I am 21 years old. When I seen the real face of Islam. Then I decided to become an atheist. To leave false religion. And when I seen defrent Islamic group humans killing by name of God. Allah. In Afghanistan and more countries. Then I started campaign in social media. From last 2 years. But last week some people hacked my Facebook I’d and they reached to my Facebook page. They now know who is behind this page. Then I was feel danger to my life then I came to Pakistan from Afghanistan. Now I want to know how can I go to some safe countries like Australia Canada or some more free countries. To Seattle there?
    Note. When I born in Muslim family my family refered me to Islamic education school. So because my English is weak. For that I apologize you

  52. Avatar
    Solehah Razali September 21, 2018

    Hello…I am Solehah..Actually I have to do assignment which i have to ask atheist about something .So i just want to ask you some question.1)Is it Atheist really care about justice and how the atheist care or concern about this?.As an example if you are policeman or judgement and you don’t believe God,how can you catch the criminals?..I hope you reply this question because it is really important for my assignment.

  53. Avatar
    Anon. February 18, 2019


    I wonder if you can assist me? I need to speak to someone about the treatment of my children, my partner and I.
    We are ALL being victimized by a school and Board of Management. My story is very long winded, bizarre and appalling.
    I cannot go into too much detail but all our problems started when I pulled my child out of a event organised by the school involving the group ‘OM Ireland’. I would love to speak to someone. I cannot disclose too much on here but my story is long and shocking and has affected my family greatly.

    I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards.

  54. Avatar
    Mohammed April 18, 2019

    Hello ,
    We are small family from Iraq left Islam and headed towards secularism
    . Me my wife and daughter were living in Iraq. We lived there as normal family, but when we left religion “islam” we felt it was our national duty to save the rest of our people from the danger of religion. So i started publishing articles and writings on Facebook page with support from my wife criticizing religions in general and Islam In particular, we use the rational logic not the attacks or hate speech . Our intention was not to force other Muslims to leave islam, but we felt responsible for the innocent people who were victims of religion, such as the rape of women, the killing for non-Muslims who belongs to other religions and the other crimes that took place in Iraq because of islam.
    For somehow
    My identity was revealed in Iraq they tracked down the owner of the Facebook page that I ran it might be happened and they knew about who am i because I wasn’t carful enough and they found out who is behind my Facebook page.
    Soon after a document was issued by my family members and an arrest warrant for contempt of religion in Iraq. We had to get out from Iraq before it was too late. Turkey was our destination we thought its secular country and would accept us as ex muslims but We were surprised that turkey it also an islamc country and when it comes to atheism it is not acceptable and risky subject , we tried to contact the UNHCR for protection , but we were told that they have closed the asylum application directly to them and that the request for asylum should be submitted to the Turkish authorities. This matter does not apply to our case cause we can’t ask for asylum in islamc country on this basis , we have lost hope to seek protection ,
    we contacted with dozens of organizations and embassies, but unfortunately we received rejection and Lack of interest on this matter ,
    our child 4 years old and we are afraid from the unknown future to her as we still in turkey , we look forward to the views of international organizations to consider our case as exmuslim small family who lived in a radical Islamic country.
    We kindly ask your help if we can apply for asylum at the ireland embassy in turkey or if the embassy could provide us with humanitarian visa to allow us to enter ireland safely or any kind of way that would help us to get out from turkey , surely we can provide you with all the evidence about our claim so we will proof our situation , please do not ignore our message .
    Best regards

  55. Avatar
    Adeel Khan May 21, 2019

    Hi, Hope you are doing well.I’m adeel from pakistan and i am you know in pakistan there are alot of religious extremists if someone disobey their religion rules or refuse of God or leave islam they kill him under the law of shariah (islamic law) and this law exist in the constitution of pakistan. For atheist there are alot of danger and security risks. Being an atheist i can’t share my views and thoughts to anyone and i couldn’t talk openly about their religion.if they knew about me that i am an atheist,they will kill me,beside that if my family members or friends knew about me they will also kill me.please help me get me out from here.if i stay here i will be hit, if i survive here i will be mentaly upset and will lose mental balance. I wish to live in such type of country where i can speak freely. Please help if you can.i will be very thankful to you whole life.

  56. Avatar
    Richard Thompson September 08, 2019

    Perhaps where many UK Quakers are moving towards….

    “ ‘God’ – a name for the civilising impulse implanted within us, personified and imbued with qualities psychologically projected by worshippers.
    ‘Satan/the Devil’ – a name for the barbarous impulse, personified, which is incontrovertibly a component of human nature

    Christianity – essentially a religion, superseding Judaism, which is based on a benign mythical distortion and promulgation of an illusion with regard to the historical figure of Jesus and connected events within first century Palestine.
    With male psychological projection embedded, Christianity is crudely therapeutic in nature. It particularly addresses and relieves male emotional insecurity, at the cost by design or not of female subjugation. Historically a powerful and frequently ill used tool in the hands of its volitionally uncritical patriarchal institutions, it has been a means of maintaining social stabilization, cohesion and control in addition to prompting societal altruistic behaviour. Suspension of rational thought, combined with doctrinal tunnel vision, and governed by inviolable confidence in ‘faith’, was conflicted by the emergence of a progressive liberal reformation in the very late 20th century, and as attendances and influence drastically diminish, the trend now is towards ‘silence’, compassion, inclusiveness, equality and the exploration of myth

    The benefits – it (falsely) offers hope, comfort, purpose, challenge and meaning to living
    it provides the idealised role model of a martyred, risen Saviour
    and the promise of his return
    it addresses male emotional insecurity
    it can deal effectively with some aspects of guilt and shame
    it has been the cultural symbolic marker for significant human life events
    it has been a source by which creative and intellectual inspiration has flourished”

  57. Avatar
    aerolitz October 10, 2019

    Hi folks,

    IS there any new events for Dublin?

    Thanks & Regards

    • Avatar
      Helen O Shea October 10, 2019

      Hi aerolitz, there will be an information table outside the gpo from 12 till 2 followed by a brunch on the 2nd of November (the first Saturday of every month). The events will be added to our website shortly. You are more than welcome to drop in.

  58. Avatar
    fahad August 18, 2020

    Hi I am Fahad, an Ex muslim atheist from Pakistan, living in Donegal. Just wanted you guys to know that I really admire the work you are doing. I really wanted to get in touch with the members of atheist Ireland and attend your events but this unfortunate pandemic has scrapped off all my plans. Hopefully everything gets sorted soon and I get to be a part of this excellent movement you guys have initiated. After you resume your events and if plan to come to Letterkenny, do let me know. I will be glad to help in any way I can.

    • Avatar
      Helen O Shea August 18, 2020

      Hi Fahad, we hope to set up some online meetings for members shortly and hope to see you there. Our agm is usually in November and will more than likely be over zoom this year.

      • Avatar
        fahad August 18, 2020

        Thanks Shea. I will be really looking forward to it.

  59. Avatar
    Nithin Mathew August 20, 2020

    Hi I have a query. I hope this is the right place to ask. A christian catholic hospital management in Europe refuses to appoint an atheist in their accounts department, is it a discrimination based on religion? Can the victim go legally against this? Is there any rules in european union or in UK to protect his job? Can you help me to know more about this, please?

  60. Avatar
    Pat October 13, 2020

    Hi. My son has started school this year. There is only a catholic school in the area but we understood that he could opt out of religion. Due to Covid there was no official induction but I am after earning from a parent whose child started last year in the school that during the induction the principal said to the group of parents in the main hall “Look around you. This is a catholic school. So expect your child to be exposed to religion whether you want them to opt out or not”. I was pretty shocked at this as my understanding was that state funded schools are obliged to provide alternative supervision or activity if you want to opt out of religion. Do you know legally what the school are obliged to provide or do you know someone I could be put in touch with that can clarify this? I want to have all my ducks in a row before I approach the topic with him.

    • Avatar
      Pat October 13, 2020

      but i am after hearing*

  61. Avatar
    Frank Vincent January 03, 2021

    I wonder would Atheist Ireland be as accepting and forgiving of a skit lampooning the Muslim prophets fondness for 9 year old child brides! If its now apparently fair game, in the service of a cheap laugh, to portray the Christian God as a rapist, then why not, in the interests of fairness and balance?

  62. Avatar
    Frank Vincent January 04, 2021

    My comment was removed. Just as I suspected,its open season on Christianity but Islam is strictly off limits. Would it not be more honest and upfront to re-brand your organisation anti-Christianity Ireland?

  63. Avatar
    Susan January 25, 2021

    Hi there,
    I was doing some online research to understand the process of how to officially be removed from the Catholic Church. I found several references saying that it’s not possible since 2009 church reform, but another mention that you can request to be removed by the archbishop.
    Last week I emailed the archbishop with my name, address and date of birth requesting that I be removed due to my atheism. Today I got a letter confirming that my defection from the church has been entered into a register, so I wanted to share that this is a simple process and I encourage more people to do it.

  64. Avatar
    David Mullins January 26, 2021

    Religion was invented for one reason alone, to strengthen our innate, unconscious denial of the fact that we are animals. What that means is really quite simple; human beings hate the fact that they are animals, and human beings do not know that they hate the fact that they are animals – that is why it is an unconscious denial. So, everything that shows us that we are animals we taboo, censor and even legislate against, and when you list all of these particular instances you find that such is the backbone of religion itself – the rest of religions laws are of course concerned with how people should exist in a population of like animals. When you see two humans engaged in sexual intercourse there is absolutely no doubt that they are animals, which makes it obvious to everyone who witnesses such a thing that they too are animals, dirty, sweaty, smelly, copulating creatures. This is why sex is so heavily tabooed, censored, legislated against and vilified – because it shows us so very clearly that we are animals. When in public it is not a coincidence that we must at all times cover our hips, front and back, where a woman must also cover her chest, as both of these areas simply reek of our animality – where it is only these two very specific places, not the feet, legs, abdomen, shoulders, arms or head, but our hips (front and back) and the chest area if we are female, that must be covered – otherwise we would see our genitalia, our animal-highlighting reproductive areas and a woman’s mammalian feeding glands; for when we do espy these areas there is no doubt that we human beings are animals. When nuns bathed they used to cover their baths with canvas, not so an all-seeing God could not view them, but so they themselves could not see their naked, animal forms. This is also why those who are most abhorred by their animal state end up flagellating (whipping) themselves, for it is their hated (as they regard it) animal hides that they are railing against. When we defecate, urinate, pass wind, menstruate, ejaculate, etc. there is absolutely no doubt that we human beings are animals – which is why such instances are so heavily tabooed, censored, and legislated against, because such show us so very clearly that we are animals and why (most notably in Islam) there is such an abundance of laws prescribed to help people deal with these obvious, necessary, unavoidable actions (in anthropology the rituals for mitigating such deeds is collectively known as Ritual Pollution Behaviour; which the anthropologists are still trying to understand – they will now). When we eat we unconsciously know we are animals, which is why human beings have laws concerning this as well. Everything, EVERYTHING that shows us that we are animals is dealt with by constructing some description of a law to defend against it, to keep us from becoming cognizant of our animality, for that is what religion is, a defence mechanism against our obvious animal, and so mortal, death-assured condition. This is also why spirituality exists, the soul-world, the intangible, body-free realm, a constructed haven where we are free of our weighty, imprisoning, animal bodies. Mary’s virginity was ascribed to exalt her, to show that she was pure (not an animal), that she did not engage in that creaturely, carnal deed. Circumcision too (the most heinous of all human-is-an-animal-denying laws) is committed for the purpose of de-animalizing the human being. That is what it is all about, why the defence-mechanism of religion was invented, to keep us in denial of the fact that we are animals. Catholic guilt anyone? Where such is the guilt that we feel when we encounter our hated animalness. And finally, religion is merely a product of our denial of animality, a defence-mechanism created by those who are most uncomfortable, abhorred even, by our animal state, and something that the SECULARIST suffers from too. We are all, to some degree in unconscious denial of our animality.
    Fair winds, and stay safe.

  65. Avatar
    David Mullins January 26, 2021

    What is science? Science, is humankind’s investigation of REALITY. To say that science is wrong is the exact same thing as saying that reality is wrong. So, religion has never been at war with science, all along it has been at war with REALITY.
    Just a little something to ponder.
    Fair winds, and stay safe.

  66. Avatar
    David Mullins January 26, 2021

    What is truth? Truth, is when the symbols we use to communicate something are exactly representative of REALITY. What is one plus one? Answer = two. Those symbols EXACTLY represent reality. They cannot be wrong. The heart is an organ that pumps blood. Those symbols exactly represent reality. Up until the 17th of January 2020 there was a blasphemy law in Ireland. Those symbols exactly represent reality. We live on planet Earth, humans are mammals, E=MC2, etc., all of which have their symbols exactly representing reality. Truth, is when the symbols we use are EXACTLY representative of REALITY. This is the ONLY truth. Politicians can describe anything they want as being ‘fake news’, or ‘false news’, but truth itself can always be proven, as it is only truth, who’s symbols exactly represent reality. All other ‘truths’ are opinions, are, to be TRUTHFUL, nothing but false information. Where as many of you already know, nothing has done humankind more damage than false information. So let us stick to the truth, let us laud the truth, which is reality as it occurs to be, and give no time to statements or claims that do not represent how things are in reality.
    Fair winds, and be safe.

  67. Avatar
    David Mullins January 26, 2021

    I forgot to mention something in an earlier post, and it is the fact that many religiously uniformed (and so, uninformed) women have cut their breasts off (can you imagine?!!). The reason for this is because their mammalian ‘feeding glands’ graphically illustrate the obviousness of the fact that they are animals. Their unconscious denial of human animality is so powerful that they attack, and remove their animal-pronouncing breasts. So, they cut them off. That way, the fact that they are animals is less obvious to them.
    Fair winds everyone.

  68. Avatar
    David Mullins January 26, 2021

    What is the greatest experience attainable? It is pleasure, in all of its forms. Whether it is the pleasure of seeing a loved one doing well, of enjoying oneself in salubrious activities such as sport, of falling in love, of seeing our children or our brothers or sisters taking their first steps or uttering their first words, of laughing, of lovemaking, etc. What is the worst experience attainable? It is pain. Whether physical, emotional, or psychological. Those who find this to be the case use it as their moral compass, their philosophy, their ‘way of being’ – which is as follows – they ‘try to have fun (pleasure) without hurting anyone or anything that has the capacity to be damaged’ (pain). This is how moral human beings operate (whether they have faith or not).
    I am not preaching here, but simply explaining how I exist. Others may operate in any way they see fit, in any way of their choosing (providing they are choosing for themselves, and it is not someone or some thing choosing for them, such as an external force like political ideology or religion, or an internal force such as the compulsion-surfeited human brain ((which is of course a person’s unconscious self, as opposed to the mind, which is a person’s conscious self)).
    Fair winds.

  69. Avatar
    David Mullins January 26, 2021

    If Atheist Ireland so wants I will give them Chapter Five of my book (which explains in great detail why, and when human beings invented religion). They can then read it and (if they so choose) put it on their site for anyone who wishes to peruse it. This will remove the necessity (for those who want to know why we invented religion) to pay for my book. It will be a copy of the first draft of my book, which is written in plain English, and is therefore an easy read. The second and final (already published) draft of the book is a bit more challenging. This is to protect children from understanding it, which also has the added benefit of making it easy to put down (or throw against the nearest opposing wall). The only people who I want to read that book are those who are truly comfortable with regarding themselves as evolved, mortal creatures.
    Atheist Ireland will have to request it from me via e-mail however, as I am not in the habit of shoving my views down other peoples throats (these posts not being such, considering the site).
    Speaking of which, these are my only communications ever to a forum, with this one I feel being the last.
    Fair winds, and remain safe.

  70. Avatar
    Tomás Lynch May 13, 2021

    Hello. I’m from a small community in north Meath outside the village of Moynalty. The village has three churches but with ever dwindling numbers, two of them are becoming more and more dilapidated as the years pass. The one in our area is not being used anymore except for funerals and my neighbors have been holding meetings to try to fund raise for its renovation. They’ve approached the parish priest over 10 years ago and on several occasions since but he just promises them that he’ll take action and then just forgets about his obligations.
    I’m aware of issues with his church in terms of their lethargy with divestment of schools and their failure to meet their liabilities regarding the State’s redress scheme for former residents of religious-run institutions and find it galling that they can also manage a community space like this. It’s so disrespectful to the people.
    There is a vibrant arts culture in the area with playwrights, singers, storytellers, musicians and poets and it would be great if it was possible to reclaim the building and turn it into a community center. I was wondering if anybody out there has had or is having a similar experience?

  71. Avatar
    fahad October 08, 2021

    Hi Atheist Ireland,

    Can we expect the live events of atheist Ireland to be back since all the remaining restrictions will be lifted on 22nd October?

  72. Avatar
    dermot lynch December 09, 2021

    In hospitals, do religious members have access to patients files? I’m a recent patient who stated that I was NON religious. Yet having had a very hard day of medical investigations by medical staff, I was dozing on my bed when I realized there was a man at the end of my bed. I thought he was another doctor but he was a clergyman. I was polite as he was, yet we fell into a religious debate. Many years ago in another hospital, having stated NON religious, I am visited by a priest. How did they both know that I was NON religious? It was stated in my file. I cannot see medical staff calling there attention to it. So how did they know?

  73. Avatar
    Lesley humphries April 28, 2022

    Looking for information on leaving the Catholic Church evening though I don’t practice and was never confirmed only Baptism and communion
    So ashamed to be Catholic and don’t believe in god
    Any help would be grateful
    Kind regards

    • Avatar
      Helen O Shea May 08, 2022

      Hi Lesley, you can check out There are some options for you. You can try making a complaint under gdpr. You can ask the bishop of the parish you were baptised in for a defacto defection. You can mark youself down on various census as having no religion. You can get excommunicated though the church still views the excommunicated as catholic. You have the right to label yourself non catholic if you dont believe in it, you dont need permission.

  74. Avatar
    Ahmed najeh August 09, 2022

    Hello my friend, I am persecuted because I live in Iraq and I am an atheist. The Iraqi government issued a law to prosecute atheists and imprison for 3 years. This law was in force before, but it was largely ineffective, now they arrest a large number of atheists from time to time and I have records of someone threatening me and asking me to give my address to him because I criticize all Abrahamic religions. And Islam in particular, which is affiliated with an extremist, extremist and murderous Islamic party. I have the means to travel, but I need money, and I have no money. I need to travel to his country, but it is difficult because the Iraqi economic situation is not good and there are no job opportunities to help me collect money to go and travel I have a way out of my country, but I lack money. I want your help as soon as possible. I really need to get out of my country because of my political and religious stance towards the strict Islamic government. Also, if you have any questions, you can ask me about them and I will answer any question you ask. I am a director of short films and I have a film about Domestic violence and rape. Thank you. I hope you will help me as soon as possible. Thank you. This is the picture of the movie that I made myself without the support of someone. This is my biography that will be attached to you. I have a channel on Telegram. I publish everything about Abrahamic religions and criticize them, especially Islamic

  75. Avatar
    Brendan Hoare July 12, 2023

    Hi , can you tell me what are the options for an atheist being sworn in for jury duty? I presume that you can’t be forced to use a Bible or make any religious affirmations.?

    • Avatar
      Helen O Shea July 16, 2023

      You can ask to affirm rather than swear an oath on the bible


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