The really, truly True Believer™ of the Month Award November 2010

This month‘s winner is another home grown credulous memeoid.

Easily brushing off competition from Pakistan’s prosecutions of Blasphemy and Muslim Cynophobia leading parents to obtain a “seeing eye horse” rather than a “seeing eye dog” our very own Minister for Social Protection raced to a victory with 42% of the votes.

Our beloved Minister saw fit this month to suggest that what the economy needs is prayer, petitioning whatever god you believe in to cause things to improve.

Given that people in Ireland have been praying for as far back as we can remember, one wonders if Eamon O’Cuiv might not have been better off suggesting that we should STOP praying for the economy and maybe thereby no longer attract the attention of the pitiless god who presumably put our economy in the condition it is in in the first place.

It has been shown already that people being prayed for feel the pressure of peoples expectations and in fact end up doing worse than any control group.

Given that prayer is a predictor of worse results therefore, it is rather irresponsible of the Minister to call for prayer for an already suffering economy.



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    Russ Painter December 09, 2010

    No real surprise he’d support something that can only make things worse. It seems to be a requirement in Fianna Fail (I still find it funny that FAIL is right there in the name). Evil bastards, every last one of them.

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    Sean Tyrer December 11, 2010

    That cuts have been made to the blind, in an instance where 40 million of our tax euros are being handed over to cunts of the first banking water, beggars belief. I do not understand quite why we, as a populace, have been so sadly silent and acceptant of this utter crock of shit. Is there any way in which we can campaign against this? Vincent Brown – as ever – nails the problem, by way of his description of a society so in thrall to the financiers that we are left, in addition to a tragically lacking ‘democratic system’ that grants humans a voice only every 5 years, that we have either to claim back the true notion of democracy or succumb to the shit offered by the chariot riding cunting elite. Shame on them all even in anticipation of such a verdict. What a fucking waste of a nation. Prison must beckon for some, even if only to get the message home that you don’t kill a country without repercussion.

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    Shane Kavanagh December 14, 2010

    To be honest, I find it a bit shocking that a throw away comment from a minister can override a death sentence for blasphemy. Where is the perspective?

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    Timothy (TRiG) December 28, 2010

    Sean, people who use the word cunt as an insult are first-class sexist boors.


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    Lucy December 31, 2010

    Your minister who asked for prayer is not a really, truly believer. He is an unthinking fool with a brain on autopilot at best. At worst he is a cynical self serving arse, rummaging around for sympathy votes. (I am not Irish though as an English atheist raised a catholic and educated by Irish nuns, I have a great interest in and enthusiasm for the collapse of the Irish church!)
    I would propose for the award, any of the recent cases where parents refused medical care and their child died.

    And cunt is an excellent term of abuse, when few other words will do. I see myself as part of the ‘middle aged ladies reclaim the word cunt’ army.